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Sunday, January 18, 2009

WICKEPIN: "I've had a fortunate life," said Payton L. Inkletter, "after the cud is chewed, digested, evacuated, and turned into the finest incense."

In other news…

09th-10th January 2009:

Friday: I have been thinking of my nieces Alice and Elizabeth today, this being the 59th birthday of their dear Papa had he lived.

What a hot one again, only saved by a sea breeze, which is the one silver lining to heat in January, for it often is nowhere to be found in February. Mid to high thirties Celsius again. Missus Inklelustypanties began to luridly gaze upon my rippling physique with those bedroom eyes today, and I knew I was a goner, so I submitted meekly to a ravishing, and provided her with her usual quota of multiple mind exploding and expanding intense orgasms of every kind a female is capable of having. My problem is I have set the bar far too high, and anything less than this is just so so as far as Madame Inkletter is concerned. When she finally gave me permission to leave the boudoir, she readied herself and picked up Pa pree, bringing him back here mid afternoon.

I tackled the usual summer maintenance garden jobs, including watering out the front, the glorious Sansevierias mainly, and I also pulled out the milkweed plant, (Euphorbia peplus) that I had left to set seed out near the road, for with the heat this month it has rapidly gone yellow and is dying. I put it into an open plastic bag, hoping to catch its seeds, and hoping also that they will have ripened enough and be fertile. One way to find out…

After My Beloved I declined the little people’s suggestion to remain to watch a free to air comedy, going back outside instead to water and fertilize and do the million things needing doing outside. One thing that I do enjoy at this time of year is attending to the variety of bamboo shoots, tying them back straight, directing their upwards travel in their respective clumps. I could do a lot of that and nothing else, if nothing else had to be done…

I returned to Pa pree’s about half eleven, and set up his new Epson TX400 multi-function printer for him, taking about an hour, given that like most men, we barely looked at the instructions, which had we, would have shaved at least ten minutes from the procedure.

On my return I caught the tail end of Letterman, and went for a late walk. Then a grinding three hours of kitchen dishes and mopping and toilet cleaning ensued, in preparation for the free loaders’ (joke, joke!) dinner tomorrow night, before I spent much of the morning in the back garden micro-fertilizing, watering, and bamboo tending-titivating. I so enjoy the growing season of my bamboos, with all the vigour and life in their shoots and leaves. I got to bed very late morning.

Saturday: You wouldn’t read about it… it’s Sarrerdi again! I crawled out of the cot, and began preparing rapidly(!) for the guests coming for din dins – Babies Ink&Peggletter (due at 5 o’clock to play a board game), and the Chocsons, with Pa pree already here. Well, the Babies were an hour late, and the Chocsons arrived about 7 o’clock on time, so a highly enjoyable evening began. It was a hot day, so Janny’s boyfriend Hiroshi Fujitsu kept us all cool very acceptably. The Chocson’s daughter, Chocsondaughter the First, joined us mid evening, and it was very nice to have her spend time with us all. Reeve related a true story from his youth, when, in his mother’s car, he had a very close brush with death in Adelaide, due the reckless driving of a hoon. Just the story was edge of the seat stuff. And the Babies kept the interest up with a range of wild meats they had bought from the Malarkey (Malaga) Markets afore arriving, including crocodile and camel, placed in our freezer till they left. I deliberately didn’t tell them what crocodiles eat, but Janny did. And then there are the tourist fed ones…

After they left Janny and I debriefed each other (no, not what you’re thinking, you sleazes!) on the wonderful evening, and much later I went for a very late walk, on a night reeking of a very hot day coming. Today I was helped through with white comforters, my friends from way back.


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