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Sunday, January 18, 2009

STONEVILLE: Give Payton L. Inkletter a home among the gum trees, with maybe a couple of plum trees, and a few bushels of cocoa beans

In other news…

07th-08th January 2009:

Wednesday: It was approaching mid morning after all that tweaking and malarkey when I went outside to finish last night’s watering, for a very hot mother is forecast today, no less than high thirties Celsius.

Missus Inkletter gave me a brunch before she went to her doctor’s appointment, and I titivated with this and that before eventually hitting the sack mid afternoon.

I surfaced just before 8 p.m., feeling a hundred years old. I watched ‘My Family’ with Janny on Aunty, and it did me a world of good. It would have to be one of the most solid comedies going. Then I enjoyed the treat of a new one for me: ‘The Omid Djalili Show’ on Aunty – I belly laughed most of the way through, with heavy laughter in the remainder; what a breath of fresh air having a Middle Eastern-Arab ridicule his brothers’ religious, social, and intellectual ways, as we do our own. I must see them all!

I watched the SBS news mid evening, and then it was back to the comedy on ABC. I dragged myself outside, weary as all get out, and began some watering, before returning for Letterman, whose guest was the very funny Kevin James.

I somehow mustered the energy to go for a very late walk about 2 a.m., against every cell in my muscles’ protestations, however, it was good that I did, for I listened to my imcomparable favourite talking book, which always uplifts me, and the psychological boost was worth it from the walk. On my return I hung out the washing, and did some more back garden watering.

I finally hit the sack as the glow of a new day began hinting its arrival.

Thursday: Yet another hot mother! High thirties Celsius again, with only the well watered bamboos happy about that. I got a bit of fertilizing done out the back as well as bamboo shoot tying and shaping, and I watered the mother-in-law tongues out the front. Pa pree was here from early afternoon in preparation for our trip to the Babies’ place in Perth city tonight. Happy birthday to Troy the Boy my only nephew!

Close to the time when I needed to shower and change for the trip to the Babies’, a knock on the door (always fraught the answering of such with regards to wasted time) proved to be two Mormon elders, lads keen to represent their faith well; Isaac Kerschner and Michael Tilden, of German and Russian ancestry respectively, no less. So we chatted, they and Missus Inlkelurvthoseelders, moi, and Pa pree of stunned mullet repute. I excused myself after some thirty minutes, but all in all, after the little people kept chatting for another twenty minutes, we finally got the Babies’ in Adelaide Terrace almost fifteen minutes late, about 8.15 p.m. Missus InkleIhatedaylightsaving lamented the fact that the sun hadn’t even set by the time we arrived in the city.

Then we were treated to the most beautiful meal cooked by Baby Peggletter, with about ten meats (or so it seemed) and polenta and gorgeous courgettes and you name it, cooked on the balcony in their Webber. After this we had a game of Carcassone, with new layers and rules added for we wrinklies to get a grip upon, and it is fast shaping up to be a favourite game of mine. They gave us a wonderful evening, bless their smooth skins. We left about midnight, and drove home along Riverside Drive to see the new Ferris wheel beside the Swan Bell Tower. I was mighty tired by the time we got home. Which getting home was slightly modified by the need to detour into our neck of the woods of our suburb due to police redirecting us from my chosen route, due to a traffic accident having just occurred, which we could see much of from where Madame Constabyule was shooing us away from. It aroused my particular attention due to the fact that it appeared serious, was in a most safe stretch of excellent road in a fifty km/h zone, where I walk most every night. I suspected speed and hoonery.

Nevertheless, as tired and weary as I was, I decided to try to muster the energy to walk, for if I don’t get this exercise I’ll deteriorate all the quicker, and very late I ended up walking past the site of the traffic accident. I felt convinced that considerable speed was indeed involved, for it appeared a car had become airborne after hitting a small traffic island at the gates of John Septimus Roe Community College, and smashed one side of its brick gate support wall to smithereens, and landed back out on the road, according to the chalk. As with most every suburb I presume, ours is devilled nightly with gross speeders and hooners, and I wonder if this was the doing of one of those lads?

I hit the sack close to dawn.


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