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Monday, January 19, 2009

KATANNING: Great Southern welcomes Payton L. Inkletter's cockywhacker brand of self-deprecating humour, even if it doesn't get it all, h'y'all?

In other news…

11th-12th January 2009:

Sunday: And yes, it was a hot mother, 38 Celsius; only my watered bamboos were happy here. I tackled the bigger weekly maintenance of my garden back and front, consisting of an extra fertilizing with blood and bone, and I also managed to mow the back lawn, trim the edges, and generally make it look so snazzy. This happened in shifts, with the hand watering of the freshly fertilized lawn occurring very late. White comforters assisted me again today…

Mum phoned early evening, and she is still at niece Elizabeth’s and Michele’s in East Victoria Park, and is organising to live in Ardross, at my niece Marie’s rental home, a move from Broomehill.

Late in the evening I decided to record a couple of comedies, and the good (!) old (barely a year old) Panasonic DMR ES15 DVD Recorder refused to cooperate with the relatively new rewritable disc I used, it having only done one recording before. This is the same piece of shit (my subjective assessment, granted) which gave up its ghost a few months into its first year, and was repaired under warranty. Well, to cut a half hour story short, I eventually had to prise the tray open with a screwdriver to get it to eject the disc, after the machine said one thing regarding being ready to eject the disc upon pressing ‘enter’, and did another repeatedly. Only after forcing the disc out did it return to normal functioning. I would never recommend this model to anyone (nor necessarily taking to the tray with a screwdriver as a jemmy bar). You would think that it would have an ejection override mode where the operator could abort all its fannying about error messages and self checking, and spit the effing thing out. May the designer/s of this model’s software live in interesting times.

We watched the hope inspiring second instalment of Compass on Aunty, ‘The Quiet Revolution’, the program about the Interfaith movement, which it would benefit the majority of formalised religions to learn from.

I went for a very late walk, almost 3 a.m. when I embarked, and it was humid, given the long awaited cool change having started. Forecasters say we’re back in the twenties Celsius for a couple of days here in Perth, where we’ve been above thirty for over two weeks, if my memory serves me correctly.

Monday: Well, the forecasters were right, and the cooler day had at long last arrived, and what a relief, despite the higher humidity. I did some garden jobs before preparing for taking Bob swimming. I picked up Pa pree and dropped him back with Janny, then shot off to Bob’s, arriving very late, at 3 p.m., but all went well nevertheless, and his swimming at Swan Aquatic proceeded normally except that everything was half an hour later than last week. We finished with a cup of tea at Fish Market Reserve in Guildford, and a walk along the river bank. Bob was very well behaved today.

I read some more chapters from Clive Hamilton’sThe Freedom Paradox’ today, and I am enjoying it, and have found little so far to complain about. The Babies are taking me to his lecture at UWA late next month, so I want to finish reading his book beforehand.

I got fuel in Malaga on my way home, and some victuals for tomorrow’s picnic with Nanna from our local Dewson’s. I teased Missus Inklecroodiepooh yesterday, when she asked me to get 250g of Virginia shaved ham at Dewson’s on my return from work today: I kept calling it V-JayJay ham, in deference to Oprah Winfrey’s word for the female front private part, and Janny’s first name. Only trouble is, one can forget oneself if one repeats the joke in private often enough, and say it in public, for example to the deli counter lady!

I returned Pa pree late, and skipped going for a walk due to weariness.


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