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Saturday, January 17, 2009

BROOMEHILL: Sally the dugite might bite as a fright in the night, but sit tight, for Payton L. Inkletter philosophical about sister's deadly pet snake

In other news…

05th-06th January 2009:

Monday: Another hot mother coming up, high thirties Celsius yet again. I worked inside and out before the heat really hit, including doing another short stint on the roof cleaning leaves from the back gutter and putting the likely useless gutter guard in. Then I got ready to leave for Guildford to take Bob swimming.

He was ready, keen to go, but looking worse for wear given the heat. Swan Aquatic was busy with school holiday swimmers inside and outside, and the heat knocked yours truly about a fair bit. I had a short chat with Allan Schintu, who brought his little daughter for a swim, and I managed a bit of walking around the outdoor pools, as well as a chapter of Clive Hamilton’sThe Freedom Paradox’, which I enjoyed, and am intrigued by the secular argument for an absolute moral anchor that he is trying to develop.

We had a cup of tea, despite the heat, at Fish Market Reserve and a walk along the river bank, to finish our afternoon, and then I set off back to my neck of the woods, getting petrol at Altone Road (still near 90 cents a litre after a voucher!), money from an ATM at Malaga, and bits and pieces at Dewson’s locally, before picking Pa pree up after half seven to join the Babies Ink&Peggletter and Janny at our place for din dins.

We had another enjoyable evening together, even though the Babies had upset tummies (with we pair of oldies wondering privately later if the several kilograms of chilli condiments they are adding to everything in order to prepare for the chilli festival at Araluen soon had anything to do with it), and Missus Inkletter’s meal was delicious, and the two more episodes of ‘Summer Heights High’ were very funny, as are they all. We played Anti-Monopoly, and although the Babies were down on it somewhat, I found it more enjoyable than Monopoly. I liked the wit and arbitrariness of the two sets of cards, ‘Monopolist’ and ‘Competitor’, and didn’t mind the lower amounts of rents and so on.

When they left they took the love bug, the yellow Volkswagen beetle of Baby Peggletter, and it left a large hole in the patio. Missus Inkles and I had become very fond of it there.

I returned Pa pree when the possums left, taking some heavy shopping in to his place for him, then watched Letterman with Janny back home, a repeat of the show with Senator John McCain as guest after the election. We then watched part 1 of the Dover School Board evolution versus design court case documentary which I recorded from SBS last month, and I was pleasantly surprised at how nuanced and accurate both sides were in many places about the issues, but of course there were also the usual many places that were not carefully examined enough, leaving serious misunderstandings of the issues involved.

I was terribly tired, and couldn’t face a walk, so we wrinklies hit the sack at almost the same time in the early wee small hours.

Tuesday: Another hot one, mid thirties Celsius again. I had odd dreams – and remembered them – last night, and took the usual ages to wake up and feel remotely alive. I did some watering outside and some odds and ends inside, and after Janny surfaced again, having had to retire due to feeling unwell (blood sugars she suspects), we watched part 2 of the SBS documentary we began yesterday, on evolution versus design, and I found it very stimulating, better done than I was expecting, and worth the time watching.

Missus Inkletter then developed those bedroom eyes, and I knew it was pointless trying to resist her, so I did my duty, rather than be hurt or at least threatened. Before My Beloved I put in another short stint on the roof doing the back gutter cleaning, risking life and limb. Janny, in her state of extreme satiety, delivered vittles to Pa pree, leaving me more time on the roof, then we watched the said news, and Aunty’sThe 7.30 Report’, and some SBS, before watering some more outside while Janny walked along the back path for exercise. I was sorely tempted to squirt her.

More SBS later, including the late news, and their documentary on the history of surgery, which I recorded from earlier in the evening. It was fascinating, this episode focussing on brain surgery. Outside again to keep watering, then in again to watch Letterman, with the over-bubbly Kate Hudson as his guest, this show appearing to be his first for 2009.

I mustered up the energy, and I don’t know how, to go for a late walk, which was very enjoyable, as I have missed for at least three nights now. The easterlies were very strong, so strong I didn’t bother putting on my talking book, for the volume would have had to be too extreme for my poor old cochlear doodle doodahs to hear anything against the background wind commotion. On my return I cleaned up the kitchen, and then spent some hours availing myself of the Metrolyricscustomisable lyrics scroller option, and reworked Johnny Cash’sSan Quentin’ into my ‘San BloggerQuentin’, and put the widget on the main blog. It took ages due to many edits, mainly of the widget’s HTML itself, but it was also fun. I also discovered that I can add ‘target=“_blank”’ to HTML for the images in my postings, which is a good thing, and I’ll endeavour to do it from now on.


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