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Thursday, January 22, 2009

BUSSELTON: “The quickest way to raise your garden beds is to lower your paths,” claims Payton L. Inkletter, “unless you have very wide paths”

In other news…

21st January 2009:

Wednesday: A cooler day, mid twenties Celsius, how nice! Janny entertained a pair of Mormon missionaries, giving them lunch, and after this I took her and Pa pree (the little people) shopping, first to Benara Fresh Markets in Beechboro, our first time for the new year, then on to our local major shopping centre where they went their way, and I went mine, purchasing a replacement torch for my nightly walks, my last one having barely lasted half a year before the screw switch mechanism was utterly jammed and jiggered, giving up its ghost in a long drawn out set of fits and starts. This latest beauty, from Kmart and 20% off – yippee! – supposedly can survive a million foot drop and a thermonuclear explosion at point blank range, the Energizer Hardcase LED, no less.

I was a tiny bit embarrassed, just a whisker, but more inconvenienced, when I used my Fujitsu Visa Card that we received with $200 cash on it as the winter time sweetener for buying a Fujitsu airconditioner, to pay for the torch and other sundries, and it was pronounced invalid. I had used it once in Coles if I recall correctly, late last year, and it should have well over half its credit remaining, and it doesn’t expire till September this year. So another time consuming hassle to get to the bottom of…

Eventually we got back home, and I did a tad outside, including photographing my bamboo shoots up close to capture the lovely detail on them, before tuck tuck with Pa pree and Janny, watching My Beloved. I stayed for The 7.30 Report, and the always funny My Family, but couldn’t stay awake, and had to hit the DVD record button before hitting the sack for a couple of hours. I surfaced for LettermanJanny having returned Pa pree about ten – and found it was a repeat (damn you Channel Ten for never putting ‘(Rpt)’ after ‘The Late Show’ in the Sunday Times’ TV Guide when it’s a repeat – but Janny plied me with homemade slice and a cup of tea, and after watching some of the pre-recorded The Omid Dhajili Show – marvellous, funny, wonderful – I got interested in an old sci-fi film on Aunty, ‘Silent Running’, and watched it all, and was glad I did, for it was different enough to be worth it, and a little curious. I enjoyed the Joan Baez songs, all two of them, and was fascinated by the way the robots walked. Wikipedia later informed me on how that trick was achieved…

I did get to the bottom of why I was refused access to the credit on my Fujitsu Visa Card: online I discovered the news that a pile of shops, including Coles and many in that oligarchical stable such as Duck Smuff and Jacques Target, Kmart and Tandy, as well as Woolworths, have ‘elected not to accept Prepaid cards’, and ‘We apologise for any inconvenience caused.’ Well, surely your boffins could give a little message on the screen to the hapless bird or boy serving to that effect? Said hapless staff could then inform the hapless customer? Confusion and embarrassment reduced.

I went for a very late walk, and while it was much cooler than last week, the humidity was high, and I got quite sweaty. My Energizer Hardcase was superb, throwing light on the situation, and giving truth to the claim that two hardcases can be found wandering these local streets late at night.

On my return I watered the glorious mother-in-law tongues under our front patio, and cowboy washed the car, breaking the law by using the hose briefly rather than a bucket only, waking Missus Inklewhatthehellisgoingonoutthebedroomwindow up. Then I tackled more uploading to this ‘In other news…’ site, and added some more widgets, and tweaked the main site with links to this ‘In other news…’ site, so there!

After that marathon I watered outside in the early morning light, and there was some gossamer light drizzle around under a grey sky. I took a couple of photos of the amazing elastic yucca plant out the front, which has bent down and touched the ground, all ten feet of it, in about three weeks, before coming back inside and updating several of my web sites’ copyright dates from 2008 to 2009.

Today I received an email from my cousin Muriel, which was a treat, and funny.


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