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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GETTYSBURG: Address by Payton L. Inkletter well received at Obama’s inauguration; live cross to Perth due to heavy hand watering commitments

In other news…

15th-16th January 2009:

Thursday: The big heat has returned, with 38 Celsius forecast, and it certainly feels like it. Janny was so nauseous today she vomited, poor old thing. She got Pa pree over to spend the afternoon, and we prepared for the Babies’ visit for din dins. I got some of this diary up to date, and did some greatly appreciated watering done outside. The boo is loving the heat – that which I can afford to water that is. There are dozens of impressive shoots launching skyward.

As if I haven’t got enough aches and pains to deal with, my right knee, at the back, nowadays is hurting I know not why.

The Babies Ink&Peggletter arrived shortly before 8 p.m., and we retreated to the airconditioned lounge with a magnificent nachos meal, and watched the final of ‘Summer Heights High’ from my Christmas present complete DVD set, courtesy of the Babies. Chris Lilley did a remarkably good job of it all, and I look forward to what next that man of talent comes up with.

Later we watched Baby Peggletter’s DVD ‘My Neighbor Totoro’, which was not only delightful, but a tad cockywhacker, which makes it even more interesting to me.

Our precious guests left about 11 p.m., taking Pa pree back home at the same time. Janny and I watched Letterman, then I finally wrote a reply to Baby Inkletter’s questions she sent me over two weeks ago by email about chapter one of ‘Daughters and their Dads’ by Bruce Robinson, and emailed it off. I am greatly pleased that she wants to do this with me. Then I gradually mustered the energy to go for a walk, on which I encountered another(!) dubious looking young man wandering around the shop area with a length of wood across his shoulders.

I tackled some watering on my return, given the hot mother forecast for the coming day.

Friday: It felt like an oven outside before the midday sea breeze began a much needed cooling down of the burbs. Janny picked up Pa pree early afternoon, and he had had a bad night with water retention in his lower legs. I was too weary to properly surface, so I lay and listened to my favourite talking book for an hour or more (restarting it for perhaps only the third, perhaps fourth, time in the two and a bit years since I bought the iRiver T10 mp3 player, (arguably my best personal purchase in a decade given the value it delivers me). Earlier while I was dozing overnight I had an idea for this web site: to make and link to a devoted page for this ‘In other news…’ diary discipline I’m trying to maintain for the edification of my billions of daily visitors, and for posterity(!), and try to post at least monthly, maybe weekly, in a fit daily, given that with my current method on this main page I am somewhere between half and one year behind in posting; instead it all resides here on my pooter waiting for editing. Such will not do!

I did some editing of said old diary notes up until early May 2008, in readiness for posting them, and then braved the outdoors, where I titivated in the back garden, watering and so on, tying back bamboo shoots, and attending to worm farms, before joining the little people for din dins and watching My Beloved and The 7.30 Report. Back outside, for a long stretch until all the watering was done front and back, and micro-fertilizing.

This took till about ten p.m., when I hit the pooter, changing the Visitors’ Book header image to a much smaller kbit size jpeg, corrected a mistake in my San BloggerQuentin lyrics widget, and sundry bits and pieces, including listening to Gladys Hobson’s interview by Kevin Fernihough on BBC radio. Poor Gladys is worn out at the moment doing all the promotion for her writing, and I don’t envy her.

While watering I thought up some fun ideas for my new linked page I plan called ‘In other news…’ At about half one o’clock a.m. the locum service finally rocked up to see Pa pree Inkletter, whose legs were painful from water retention. It was an older doctor with a student, and they soon had him prescribed for diuretics, and left him with one to get started with, advising him not to take it tonight if he wanted to get any sleep. I took Pa pree home after this visit, which we had waited a mere seven and a half hours for.

I was too tired to walk, so hit the sack ‘early’, about 3 a.m.


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