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Saturday, January 24, 2009

ARDROSS: There isn’t a single leaf on the moon, and that’s because Payton L. Inkletter’s mum went there and raked them all up, long before Apollo 11

In other news…

24th January 2009:

Saturday: Some of my billions of long term readers, otherwise known as my Foolpies, are expecting me to pronounce that it is Sarrerdi, so you have not been disappointed. Oh where would Missus Inklewornout and I be without Sarrerdi’s? The bulk of the week’s duties over, and time to prepare for the next week’s onslaught.

The temperature climbed a bit today, just as all the little boys and girls who lie and end up working for the Bureau of Meteorology told us. I awoke with a nice early stage migraine brewing, so I got onto the white comforters straight away, popping them as this day wore on, keeping the lid on the pain and its ‘quinseconces’. I took the little people to the local shops, for Janny’s leg cramp the other day is still making driving a fraught decision. I got another 4 cartons of UHT Harvey Fresh mullock on sposhull, which suggests the Chinese melamine contaminated milk scare and subsequent cancelled Asian mullock order certainly left a mountain of this locally produced mullock unsold. What with Reeve Chocson’s honey, our house is now the land of UHT and syrup.

We got back just in time to watch My Beloved, and the economic bad news keeps mounting, and the rescues required, with the latest Australian Government involvement in the commercial property sector. I headed outside to use the waning daylight for tweaking the melons with the growing bamboo shoots (tying them back, directing their growth), watering, and such, before tuck tuck at dark watching the last half of ‘The Jackal’ on free to air with Pa pree Inkletter, while consuming one of my favourites, baked beans and cheese on toast. I returned said wrinkly just after 11 o’clock, then began watering out the front, my gorgeous Sansevierias under the patio, the biggest most beautiful aspidisansevierias in the world.

I became aware out of the corner of my eye a person beside a motorbike, a few feet away from me, now near midnight! It was none other than Dale Dumpling, and I had never seen him on two powered wheels before. He had pushed it up to our patio, which is why I was caught by surprise (lucky I didn’t touch cloth, but then, at my age, you just can’t be sure anyway), and we had a chat. He had been spending the afternoon driving it at Bayswater, and the back tyre began to melt, causing him to all but push the bike home between riding carefully on the footpaths, not having lights. I discovered the cause of the melting for him – the tyre literally was rubbing on the exhaust from his weight and bumps, and he is not a heavy bloke. So much for the quality of this Chinese bike, a Christmas present to himself. This incident put a very different and innocent complexion upon the expression ‘burning rubber’, which his old man, the notorious and infamous Kip Dumpling, has been known to use. By the way, it is thrilling to see the wonderful progress Dale has made in geatly improving his life, a formerly wild lad who went to the same school as Baby Inkletter for a while, and is but a half year older. After Dale left for the final push up to the top of the street I finished my watering, and then tackled making a new header picture for the main Fool’s Paradise web site, and various buts and pooces, before heading off on a very late walk.

I pushed myself, and worked up some perspiration, all the while listening to my wonderful favourite talking book on my trusty old iRiver T10 mp3 player. When it comes time to replace it I hope the company is selling as robust and versatile equivalent model.

On my return I tweaked several of the early posts on this new (since January 2009) page, in regard to spacing inconsistencies with the text’s paragraphs, and of course had to waste much time battling the usual non-WYSIWYG and sundry arbitrary tantrums and vagaries of the infernal Blogger editor, may it rot in hell.

For a pleasant change, I sought the refuge of the back garden with the new day’s light, and did a lot of watering, bamboo tying, and fertilizing. One of my biggest new culms of the Bambusa oldhamii was curving outwards more than I wanted it too, so I took a risk and tied it to a mature culm up high from the ladder. Back inside and I finished the first edit of The Mighty Midland Medley story about Duncan Moon’s wonderful Arcanum artwork, something I should have done months ago. Late morning Janny tempted me with a brunch of pears and cheese, and it was after 1 p.m. when I finally got to sleep.


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