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Thursday, January 22, 2009

EAST VICTORIA PARK: Maximus Coccioli to be taught to write his signature by Payton L. Inkletter, using 7 paw prints and two strokes of his big tail

In other news…

20th January 2009:

Tuesday: Janny took Pa pree to his doctor’s appointment late morning, and then spent the next 4 to 5 hours shopping with him, despite feeling nauseous and tired. She had to have a sleep for over an hour when she got back, but I had to wake her even then at her request to prepare vittles for me to deliver to Pa pree, which I did just before 7 o’clock and My Beloved.

I micro-fertilised and watered some outside, as well as did a photo shoot in the front yard of the two famous koala bears – myself and Baby Inkletter – sitting among the sharp yucca leaves, now flowering, of the corner twin plants, one of which has over the past three weeks laid down its ten feet height to touch the ground, this photographing session much to the curiosity of visitors to the neighbours’ house (which visitors, as well as being wogs – which I don’t hold against hem – seemed incapable or unwilling to grunt anything in acknowledgement of my polite and socially normal greetings), in a few shifts interrupted by TV watching: I find SBS’s Blood and Guts: The History of Surgery documentary fascinating if gory, and I caught half of a repeat Letterman, then some of American ABC’s coverage of the pre-inauguration build up of Barack Obama before my walk.

I walked a fair bit earlier than I have been of late, and that might explain the extra cars and folk about, but it was still one o’clock, so maybe it was the Obama Inauguration on the other side of the world coming up in an hour that accounts for it. The walk helped me clear my mind from the sore test of earlier today when I was the recipient of immaturity beyond what is reasonable from someone significant. To err is human, and we all do often, but to defend erring is just stupid, or immature, take your pick.

On my return I watched the inauguration, which was airing on four of the five free to airs, and it was uplifting and well worth watching. I dearly hope Obama and his colleagues can strongly help improve his nation and the world, in the best senses of the word.

After this I finished watering outside under lights, and before rustling up some vittles, I tackled replacing two hinges on one of the two pantry doors which was about to fall off from decrepitude. Wonder of wonders, it turned out much better than I thought, for all the holes matched, even though the hinges were from a cupboard off the street verge six months ago at the roadside junk collection at the time, and they were different hinges at that.

Pantry door almost looking respectable, one to go (the other side), and vittles under my belt, I returned to the TV and watched the procession of the new president from Capitol Hill to the White House, and finally hit the sack after 8 a.m.


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