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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DOODLAKINE: Payton L. Inkletter scratches his bottom, and vows to scratch it again.

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

27th January 2009:

Tuesday: I had to lean rather heavily on Missus InkleI’dreallyrathernot last night to commit to keeping her first of two medical appointments today, being whacked out and not feeling up to juggling the Byetta nausea contingencies and getting her Acuplus zapper dapper points done all before leaving, but this encouragement of mine had the downside of signing, sealing, and delivering my fate as the driver much earlier than I would have preferred, for Janny’s leg pain incident is still fresh in her memory, both her brain cells’ and her body cells’, making driving still fraught. So I cracked the whip after so little sleep when I got up, and we picked up Pa pree and had Janny at the appointment for half eleven.

Bearing in mind, dear readers, the wisdom of ‘crypticity’ in a public blog, Samantha the wonderful shrinking doctor has proven to be very caring for Janny, and is not charging above the bulk bill rate (thus Medicare makes it free for us), making her as rare as hen’s teeth in her particular specialty, and has now seen my missus half a dozen times or so from the middle half of last year, all upon the recommendation of her GP. Given this sacrifice compared to her colleagues, and her empathy with Janny, I did not want her to go and cancel under three hours before the appointment time, given that yesterday was a public holiday. Just not fair in my opinion, unless a serious development interferes with plans. Janny was glad after the event that I strongly encouraged her in, in fact exuded disapproval of her not, keeping the appointment.

Of course I am ripe enough around the ears to know that much of the advice my missus would receive from this profession, and reasonably so, would be stand up against unreasonable demands upon her time and attention, which is greatly stressing her. It thus devolves upon the recipient of the advice to apply it. So when the recipient does not want to do so in regard to a particular individual, this complicates matters. To her credit Samantha the wonderful shrinking doctor acknowledged all this today, so Janny tells me, and is helping her with modified strategies to gain ‘me’ and ‘X-free’ time. Nevertheless, I’m of the opinion that simply having a caring professional with some nounce (why do I use this word thinking it means ‘intelligence’; ‘capability’; etc.? I just googled it and can find nothing, nor in my hard copy dictionaries. What am I mangling from my youth that has come to be ‘nounce’ now? Let me know if you know!) (Breaking news: Reeve Chocson put me right - read all about my mondegreen in INNALOO: Residents plead with an immovable Payton L. Inkletter not to flush away his genius and get bogged down into the long drop of toilet humour. below.) - yes, having a caring professional listen to your problems every now and then is potentially a helpful if not healing experience, and so for this reason alone I encourage Janny to attend every appointment the good doctor offers.

After the appointment I drove Janny around the Anglicare Op Shop where we donated bags of clothes and such, then I dropped her at the door of the major local shopping centre where she was to find Pa pree and keep shopping for an hour till they dropped. Meanwhile, I found a lucky shady spot under a tree, and read, first, a small segment from ‘Dear Fatty’ by Dawn French, the second section of this book Baby Inkletter wanted me to read and give her my opinion on, followed by more chapters of Clive Hamilton’s The Freedom Paradox’, escaping into his thoughts on metaphysics, and from the little people, a treat not to be considered lightly.

Next I scooted around and picked the recalcitrants up, and drove them to ‘This Little Piggy’s’ podiatrist in Yokine for Missus Inklepiggytriedtostayhome’s appointment. This fellow has transformed Janny’s trotters, and this was only her second visit! He so skilfully attended to her sole splits with their silicaceous sheaths and the corns and whatnot the first time late last year that her diabetic feet have responded brilliantly. I kept on reading young Clive’s book, and I must admit that while I found oodles to agree with in Part One, this ‘Philosophical Foundations’ that is Part Two, is, while a worthwhile summary of much of philosophy, exposing lack of rigour and attention to detail on his behalf, despite him appearing to – and I admit he has done – give it a damn good go; the ontological conclusions he is reaching are not what I can say I agree with. Early days though, for I’ve much more to go in his book. My own writings on ontology before the middle of last year in my draft of The Dawkins Deduction clash in fundamental places with Hamilton’s.

We called in to Ultratune (toothpaste, the oil you can really feel!) on our way back, and booked a transmission service for Thursday, as the bands are not engaging periodically, or so Pa pree explains, which if this is the case, it explains why we start with only half our power sometimes until the car warms up a lot.

Yippee! JB Hifi emailed me to say they have dispatched my Alison Krauss CD today! I hit the sack once back about half four, for a few hours, as I was barely able to function. Poor Janny was in need of sleep badly, but entertained Pa pree instead. When I surfaced I watered some outside, and took Pa pree Inkletter home before eleven. Then we watched Letterman, and he was sparking, as though the break had done him some good, on this what appeared to be the first show since the Obama Inauguration. The repartee and understandings he enjoys with Brian Williams are entertaining.

I sent my opinion on the Dear Fatty piece by email to Baby Inkletter, then I finally tackled putting the full text of the Arcanum story into the posting of Dec. 31st, using the edit function, copying from Word the 12,500 plus words. Well, of course what followed was a well worn descent down the wide path into Blogger hell. Have I said here before how much I detest the Blogger editor’s guts? Of course the spaces between paragraphs in my Word document don’t appear in the online Blogger editor – how impudent of me to expect them to – so I laboriously placed a space between every paragraph, and line of dialogue, taking ages, and published it, danced around the effing ‘Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: ’ error message that always displays now, and finally got the story up. I emailed this fact to Gladys Hobson and thanked her for her kind comments both at 4shared.com and in her personal email to me regarding the audio version of Arcanum which she had listened to while it was still warm, and embarked on a very late walk, about half two in the morning.

On my return I checked the Arcanum text posting display more closely, only to discover that HTML code had typically leaked out in Internet Explorer’s display, the good reliable old ‘ ’ cursed code, between paragraph breaks down at the Mighty Midland Medley’s masthead font lines. Thanks Blogger, thanks IE, love you too. Firefox displays it beautifully, but way more folk use IE, so I had to correct it. Now should you place the cursor just once into the ‘Compose’ page, as opposed to the ‘Edit Html’ page, formatting regarding spacings and even the font sizes themselves are regularly smashed to smithereens, and it’s back to the beginning again. Just by placing the frigging cursor in the page! Not doing a thing with it mind you, just positioning it anywhere in there! If it’s tens of thousands of words long, you’re in the shit, you’re in for a soul destroying redoing in the cursed online Blogger editor (may it rot in hell), whose guts I’d boil, whose guts I hate. Well, I had to redo it twice didn’t I? I finally got it done the once, then realised I hadn’t placed the caption text in at the end of the story, so the simple addition of these in Word to the display copied from web page into Word still was not good enough for the arse that is Blogger editor, was it? Oh no, throw out ALL the paragraph spacings again for having the audacity to add a few lines at the end! The same old story. Why not make the Blogger editor compatible with Word and Writer, the two ‘most’ ubiquitous word processors in the world today? At least for the basics such as spacings, font size, colour, bold, italics, and underlines? Throw in a few decent font choices and hyperlinks, and what would I have to complain about? But then I’m a petulant sod, with the audacity to want to be able to write my posts in Word where I can access many tools such as grammar, thesaurus, and spell checking, as well as do searches back through all my previous postings stored in the same document.

This whole soul destroying exercise wasted over two hours. Bear in mind it takes about four or five minutes for my main page to load for me, before I can peruse the result. I estimate that I spend almost as much time getting my writings onto Blogspot as I spend writing them, and the whole situation stinks. I tell you, some moments would be bad for me to bump into a Blogger editor programmer, for I’d rip his nuts off, or bitch slap her; (and I’m a gentle man).

Finally, done at last, so I sent an email to young Duncan of the Moon lineage, informing him that hooray!, the story, text and audio, about his Arcanum, is done.


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