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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SOUTH MELBOURNE: A chuffed Payton L. Inkletter finds ‘snottygobble’ in Australian Oxford Dictionary: “Give me a snottygobble among the gum trees!”

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

28th January 2009:

Wednesday: I fled from the computer into the relative relaxation of over two hours of cleaning up the war zone that was the kitchen, with two dishwasher plus loads required to make a dent in the mess. In the overcast and very humid new daylight I then watered the back garden, and tied back bamboo culms, one of my delights. My babies are growing beautifully, those that are being fed and watered that is.

A shower, then Missus Inkletter surfaced, late morning, and she wanted to hear Arcanum. Gulp! I knew that was fraught, as she is therein portrayed (truthfully of course) as somewhat of a cythral. She was prepared to sit uncomfortably in the back room to listen from the computer, for I hadn’t yet burned it in a form that our useless Panasonic DMR ES15 DVD Recorder could manage to play in the comfort of the lounge through our wonderful old Sony Trinitron. Well, we did listen to almost half, and she did raise her beautiful little eyebrows many times, but admitted it was very funny.

I got to bed about half one. I had asked Missus Inklealarmclock to wake me just before six so that I could join her and her entire remaining family, Pa and Umple Daffyd pree Inkletters, for din dins, but I waved to her my disapproval of the idea from the bowels of our boudoir in the depths of my stupor, as I was feeling like death at one degree Kelvin. I eventually surfaced about eleven o’clock, forced to by the need to tinkle, but noted that Letterman would be on momentarily, so tackled my ablutions and watched it with Janny while eating my tuck tucks. Letterman was still sparking somewhat from his break, which, come to think of it, should be a permanent state for a comedy show – the sparking that is. Sadly I had missed my favourite night of the week comedy line up on Aunty, for I had been snoring my head off, having some strange dreams again, involving electric fences, gates, a now parched garden around the home on the farm where we used to live before I married, and where my mum stayed living till but nine years ago, and other odd things.

After Letterman I turned off the box, and let Janny talk to me about the happenings of the last couple of days: well, an hour or more, no, make that an hour and a half of verbiage followed. My she talks like an old woman! – hang on, she is an old woman. I believe it does her – and anyone – good to be listened to empathetically, but boy oh boy my ears can get a workout. As I’ve said many times, as suggested even in the title to the next posting, that woman can talk the locomotive appendages off any number of mammals.

Finally chatted out, I put her to bed, and after some email checking and whatnot, I took off on my late walk, at a quarter to three this time. I am digging deep in my favourite talking book at the moment into some fascinating stuff about the nature of energy; it certainly made the walk an exercise for both body and mind. I had just copied some specifically focussed chapters on subjects of ‘extra’ particular interest to me to a separate folder in my trusty old iRiver T10, and this will make it mobs easier to access these parts.

I tackled the kitchen on my return, getting one load of dishes going. Then it was here in front of this keyboard catching up with this blog of the last three days, as well as sending an email to the Town of Bassendean Council letting them know that their Mayor, Tina Klein, might be pinching jelly beans and schnapps from the council chambers, and pointing them to where they could listen to the shocking revelations: the Arcanum story. Which story, by the way, has the sounds of our back garden bird life visitors chirping away at dawn in the background.

Next came the uploading of a couple of days of ‘In other news…’, as said bird life began chattering away again in the faint daylight now increasing. An idea occurred to me while doing this: I should be able to make a sacrificial, or test, bare bones blog for posting to, testing the display in IE and Firefox, and with its much faster loading times, I should save some time there, then when it’s right, copy the html to the final blogsite. What a smart idea! It doesn’t reduce my hatred of the Blogger editor, nor the Blogger layout manager, nor the Blogger templates, though!


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