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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PERTH: Door knocking questionnaire by Payton L. Inkletter and his missus: “Do you like daylight saving?” “Yes.” Smack! on the back of the legs pissant

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

04th February 2009:

Wednesday: Fortunately Missus InkleI’lltrytodriveifIcan managed to drive today, so she was able to leave me to my badly needed recuperation. She picked up Pa pree Inkletter and went to her doctor’s appointment, the one postponed by her doctor’s surgery on Monday, on plea of the ill health of her doctor. (I enquired of Janny later how Dr Hoffman looked, and was informed that his complexion was one of rude good health. I couldn’t blame a doctor needing a strong excuse for a break, in today’s busy times of doctor shortages, if this in fact be the case…)

Talk about rude, I was woken rudely by the mobble at my bedside (placed there by Missus InkleImightneedyou[eventhoughI’llbe3ksawayandyou’llbecarless]), and it was Umple Dais wondering if Pa pree was okay, as his mobble wasn’t answering – he’d forgotten to take it with him as it turned out. I don’t know how many times that exact scenario has occurred, with the living daylights being shocked out of me. This put paid to my returning to sleep, so I pooted and did a few things in the backyard before vittles and My Beloved, with Pa pree and Janny, and then the continuing big Wednesday night line up on Aunty, after The 7.30 Report run by a rude good healthy YOUNG looking Kezza, on which Schmalcolm Turnbull pushed his case for review and reduction of Labor’s second economic stimulus package (and I have no problem with the Liberals wanting more than 48 hours to examine it, despite the protestations of the hoary peanut gallery in my own lounge room).

This year’s first The New Inventors – shoot I’d not like to be a judge on that show! – was followed by the fabulous first Spicks and Specks – my how Myf and the girls drooled over Guy Pearce! – and then my first (the second episode) of Chandon Pictures, and I liked it a lot. I have a lot of time for Aussie comedy, and any new one always pricks my attention. I wish I’d caught the first, but then they’ll repeat it. And then the final of Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby, and it was great. I have to say, the Kiwis have learned a lot from we Aussies, and can do great humour. I returned Pa pree to his place before half ten, and then was interested to listen to the interview on Lateline with Yale Economics Professor Robert Shiller, a rather prescient fellow apparently.

Some more pooting, before Letterman, and his guest impeached Governer Rod Blagojevich was worth listening to, because his case is a good illustration of how the mass media reporting of a situation can totally colour it one way. All I had heard repeatedly was highly suggestive of his guilt; to hear him mount a case for his innocence, even though it was within the constraints of a comedy show, so eloquently and consistently, certainly gives me much cause to withhold judgment on his guilt. Many an innocent has been crucified through the media, and he may just be another.

A windy summer’s night ensued, so I didn’t take my iRiver T10 mp3 player and my wonderful favourite talking book on my walk, for I have to have the volume screaming to hear it when it’s very windy.


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