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Friday, February 20, 2009

LIETINNA: Strain of deception proves too much: Payton L. Inkletter breaks down; reveals to his formidable Missus that secret tube of Vicco toothpaste.

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

20th February 2009:

Friday: Next, carrying directly on from yesterday’s diary post, toward mid morning, I did my usual summer micro fertilizing and watering of the back garden, except for the lawn, for I was too whacked.

Back inside, as the hot day rolled in, I put a link and tweaked a widget or two among the Fool’s Paradise stable of sites regarding the new ‘Health Matters’ site. Then a very tired Missus InkleI’venothadenoughsleep got up, and after she ate to meet the requirements of the Byetta she injected earlier, she made me a crackers, cheese, and pears platter – the subtle domestic violence continues – while I watched The Midday Report. I was very weary, and struggled to stay awake while I watched some more television, Missus Inklesleepy having gone back to bed. I finally got to sleep about two o’clock.

I surfaced, after a sleep broken into two blocks by a wee wee break, at about ten. Janny had picked Pa pree up and they spent the afternoon refreshed by her boyfriend Hiroshi Fujitsu in the lounge, returning him (Pa pree) about half nine. Earlier she had driven up to the Dumplings on her own and delivered a lovely big birthday cake and card to Missus Dumpling, who turns 53 tomorrow. She was looking after her granddaughter Stella, who might be 9 or at most 10, and would have to be almost as tall as her Grandmother. We don’t have the heart (yet) to tell the old dear that she shares the same birthday as Robert Mugabe.

I watched Lateline while I ate din dins, and Leigh Sales had the job of moderating the usual free for all between two opposing politicians that is Friday night’s tradition. Craig Emerson and George Brandis locked horns, and I must say Minister for Small Business Emmerson was more lippy than the last time I saw him in one of these discussions (was it due his particular interlocutor?), and Queensland Senator Brandis – a young fellow of my age – was typically down on anything not of his own side. I can’t believe how negative and go for the jugular this Opposition is, as if they believe it’s the best way to conduct themselves, as if they have a monopoly on every correct approach to best run Australia. I can hardly think of a single prominent member of the Opposition front bench who hasn’t got this puerile attitude. I won’t be surprised if many of my fellow public see through it. I find it tiresome in the extreme, and this is not a political bias: any politician who is against EVERYTHING the other side does is playing the fool, or maybe is a fool, as far as I’m concerned.

Letterman was scheduled much later tonight, so after a cowboy kitchen cleanup I took to the computer, and got so involved, I forgot and missed it. I went for a walk very late, in warm conditions, but not very windy (the ethereal element, not my bowels) for a change.

Once back I tackled the keyboard again, and while it took a long time, I managed to fine tune my ‘Health Matters’ posting in a number of ways, having to work in the HTML side of it, due to the infernal Blogger editor’s awful limitations, not least of which is its insistence of smashing all useful formatting to pieces if one dares to enter the ‘Compose’ mode. Then I added more links in the widgets on the main site to this new page, and given my Optus throttled dialup speeds of my ADSL connection (I can’t afford their better plans), it took ages to tweak the widgets, check their finished appearances in IE and Firefox, and generally titivate around. I also added a disclaimer, at long last, to the bottom of my main site, lest I cause the meltdown of civilised society as we’ve known it.

I also tackled a problem that I somehow caused last month when I created my ‘In other news…’ dedicated site: by using the template from my ‘Visitors’ Book’ site, I ended up inadvertently having two copies of StatCounter’s HTML imbedded in the new site’s template, and so every time anyone visits just one of either site (I think it works both ways) their visit is recorded on both in my StatCounter projects records for each site. Well now I have removed – I think – the double up and redone the StatCounter widget at ‘In other news…’, but early signs aren’t good that I’ve succeeded. I’ll know better in a day or two, when I can study both site’s records carefully for possible false activity double ups.

On another subject, I sometimes am finding it a tad stressful, self induced, to come up with a new daily headline for ‘In other news…’ before the date comes. I am trying to always be humorous, and topical where possible, all the while connecting it to a real place name if I can. This is silly I know, the stress part, because heck, I’m just voluntarily fooling around. As I write now I haven’t thought up a headline for today, which will happen in about eight hours…

And as my billions of daily regular Foolpies well know, the daily diary I write is often done in several hits, thus enabling my speaking to issues raised in the self same day’s entry; I did do a new headline for today’s ‘In other news…’ not so long after that last paragraph’s rather pathetic wail: Eneabba got the gong, no less, that little town well north of where I sit, and even Prince Charles managed to steal some of the limelight.


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