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Thursday, February 19, 2009

GLEN INNES: New miniature sheep line ‘Little Aussie Bleater Arcotts’, bred by Payton L. Inkletter, in honour of Garry McDonald’s iconic Norman Gunston

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

19th February 2009:

Thursday: Before dawn I cleaned up the kitchen, and did a big watering out the back, interspersed with doing the ‘Healing Matters’ notes from last night, and by this time dawn had long since given way to mid morning, which became midday. Janny kindly made me a platter of crackers with cheese and a big bowl of sliced pears, from our hunter gatherer expedition to Benara Fresh Markets yesterday.

Mid morning Chocci Chocson rang, and she gave me the happy and scary news that her second daughter, Chocsondaughter the Second, had her second baby, Thomas, at half one last night, by emergency caesarian section, due to a tearing away of the placenta or some such. So now the Chocsons are the happy grandparents of five boys. Be fruitful and multiply has had a particular resonance to this couple, who are younger than us, and Reeve even had his goulies attended to over twenty years ago! Imagine the fecundity ramifications had he left things downstairs intact! And there’s a story: how many blokes do you know who don’t bother with anaesthetic when they’re having their gonads decommissioned?

I finally crashed after one o’clock, as she prepared to pick up Pa pree Inkletter and go gallivanting around the cityside, op shopping, Good Guysing, you name it, before returning here with him. I woke about half five, tried to return to sleep, didn’t get anywhere, and emerged from the crypt about six. I did a tiny bit out the back in the garden before shaving and showering in readiness for Missus InkleI’llsayanythingtogetanoutingwithmyhusbandonmyown’s and my ‘movie outing’, ostensibly at Warwick. The Babies didn’t come tonight, as they had already had din dins with us on Monday, for the alabaster dragon’s birthday.

This took place at the local shopping centre, after returning Pa pree to his place after din dins, and we shopped till we dropped, Big Dub, Little Dub, Coles, you name it, we shopped it. It was quite useful, for we were in need of many things, including some acid supplement fertilizer and Charlie Carp for my darling bamboos, and various victuals and naughty chocolate goodies and whatnot. Finally, about nine, we returned many dollars lighter. We were officially still enjoying ‘Ghost Town’, with Ricky Gervais.

I unloaded the wagon, and Missus Inklekindolddear gave me my din dins while I watched SBS late news, having missed My Beloved earlier, and Kezza come to think of it, and Clarke & Dawe; if I go on any longer, I’ll get depressed; hang on, I’m already depressed. The moment the sport began I shot over to Qanda on Aunty, having unsuccessfully tried to record it from half nine when SBS’ news began. Could you believe – of course you could – last night’s disc with the recording of the Wednesday night, mainly comedy, line up, on Aunty would not record again, despite being brand new yesterday, and having plenty of space, and having played back to me yesterday half an hour of the first program I recorded, being Kezza no less. My billions of daily readers know exactly where I’d like to jam this Panasonic DMR ES15 DVD Recorder, if I could find a Panasonic suit and get him (or her) to bend over. I will try to copy its contents to this pooter’s hard drive and watch it on the monitor, before it’s lost forever, as happens most every time this blasted recorder plays up with a disc it was perfectly happy with before, and even recorded onto.

Tony Jones had to contend with the broken record immature indignation of Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey on Qanda, every time anything contrary to Opposition opinion was uttered by the other guests; I have to remind myself that he is a gorilla who was oxygen deprived at birth, and filter him accordingly. The Greens representative, Tasmanian Senator Christine Milne, typical of The Greens, was not satisfied with anything of environmental significance that wasn’t absolute and to the hilt: they don’t seem to be able, or at least publicly unwilling, to process and acknowledge the concept that a start is better than not starting, and that beginnings can be revisited and notched up.

Lateline’s Leigh Sales was behaving as though she wanted to (or already had), book a room with her in studio guest Andrew Neil of Spectator Magazine; they were giggling and getting on like two adjoining rooms on fire! And how bloody predictable and sad is the latest rip off to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars by big Texan egomaniac wanker, er, banker, SIR! Allen Stanford. If he put as much effort into integrity with other folks’ money as he did with smiling for the cameras, he wouldn’t be hiding now.

Letterman was a hoot tonight, due to Donald Trump being such a good sport and good naturedly copping Dave’s jokes about his hair. I was most tickled when Dave said that when things get terribly bad economically his Harry and Donald’s new grandson, Donald the second or thirdTrumpy reckons it’s a moot point – can live in Donald’s hair. Letterman also has my admiration for supporting so many unusual and offbeat musicians and musical acts at his close. Tonight’s hermaphroditic keyboard vocalist, who I cannot recall the name of, nor find on Letterman’s site (which is very lame of The Late Show, as it is a day old, and I can find M. Ward of the night before, but not this latest already aired act, not even through the ‘Live On Letterman’ link, the latest being Matt Nathanson on Feb. 13, and that described as ‘Upcoming’!), had me visually challenged, but wow, he could sing and play up a storm! The boffins who run the site haven’t even added ‘2009’ as a search option into the drop down date field, so I’m stuffed till whenever they do mention last night’s act, by which time I’ll have forgotten about it all.

While googling for possibilities as to who the mystery artist was for Letterman on the 18th Feb, I seemed to pick up malicious programs from a site purporting to show a musical video I assume, but it was taking too long to load, and I wasn’t even remotely sure it was the artist I was seeking, so I skedaddled. However, the computer behaved very strangely and slow after this for a couple of hours, with unfamiliar ‘.exe’ programs running in the background as uncovered in Windows Task Manager. Killing them there didn’t get rid of them; they just kept coming back, and slowing the computer down, and giving me new and unhelpful behaviour. This prompted me to do a system restore some hours later to a restore point of yesterday morning; it solved it, and whatever the software was that infiltrated my system from that website, it appears to be gone since the restore, for none of the weird behaviour has recurred.

I made a Winzip file (how I like Winzip!) of two and half gigs of 15 years of my word documents and voice recordings and such, and copied it as an archive onto the Imation thumb drive Baby Inkletter gave me last week. What a fabulous thing is this! Now it’s on my key ring, my novel drafts, my web sites, my everything. Being USB 1.1 it took almost 40 minutes or more to copy over, but now that it has it is a most handy back up. And to think that this diminutive stub the length of my last thumb joint holds a hundred times the capacity of our first computer’s hard drive, an Amstrad we bought in 1991, which had a 40 Mb HDD, in two equal partitions, and I didn’t know I had the second partition, and so used it with 20 Mb for about 8 years.

I went for a very late walk, and the easterlies, while not strong, were hinting at a hot day coming. I had more valuable insights to write down on my return for my critique of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, my The Dawkins Deduction. I was rather heavy lidded after my walk, but with so much still to be done, I hoped to get it done, before sleep.

Today, Baby Inkletter had some blood taken for tests, and was attended by Baby Peggletter. Confucius say “Watching phlebotomist trying to find vein not for the faint hearted!

I cleaned up the kitchen, which took quite a while, then returned to the computer to finally get the information I’ve been tweaking for the ‘Health Matters’ site, uploaded as a post. By the time I got this done it had long since become daylight outside. I was exhausted, but also very glad to have got the information posted, and I hope it benefits many people.


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