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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BELMONT: Mike Dean to lobby Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan to drop the house arrest order on Payton L. Inkletter for the kidnap of Vasily Copiscow

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

03rd February 2009:

Tuesday: A cooler day, with an early sea breeze, made life bearable, when Missus Inklewearyasallgetout and I arose from the depths of the boudoir, and we were able to open the house mid afternoon against forecast expectations.

I connected the diminutive iRiver T10 mp3 player to the Sony Trinitron and we listened to the remainder of my Arcanum story, with Missus Inkledragon objecting to her portrayal somewhat, feeling she is represented as a mean and harsh thing – what do you think? I picked up a couple more mistakes I made, and of course it’s too late now to redo the audio, for the time it takes is prohibitive. I might make some corrections to the text though.

A negative situation developed later, unrelated to the story, and words ensued, about a familiar theme which never improves with us, but I live in hope, if ever diminishing, of improvement, if I but live long enough, perhaps to a million, maybe two.

I delivered vittles to Pa pree Inkletter about half six, and helped him troubleshoot some things on his computer. I caught the last half of My Beloved on my return, and The 7.30 Report, featuring an interview with Prime Minister Rudd about the second economic stimulus package announced today. My word economics is an inexact science! Oh, by the way, Kerry O’Kerry is back, otherwise known as Kerry O’Brien, or Kezza. And looking preternaturally younger again as he always does after his summer break; mmm…

A bit of back yard watering and the like, before back in to watch the final on SBS of Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery, Michael Mosley’s captivating if gory documentary, which I’ve caught at least four of the five, and am richer for it. Back out for another summer hand watering onslaught, then in again for Lateline, on which I had the distinct displeasure of suffering Mr Ego, Smugness, and Self-Aggrandisement himself, former Treasurer Hon. Peter Costello big note himself on the other end of Tony Jones’ interview. I’d compare him with Paul Keating, except Keating has at least some likeable qualities. By the way, I am the nemesis from February on of Missus InkleIcarnabearPayton’scurrentaffairsnordocoshows when the Aunty’s summer break is over and the current affairs line ups return. There are very few ways I can get my own back…

Next was Letterman, and his special guest Steve Martin, a comedic genius among comedic ‘genii’! And my how he can play the banjo!

I did a bit of online research on behalf of Pa pree regarding an adaptor for his new 7 hole shakuhachi flute; he didn’t ask me to, however, when I went to do an online purchase for him of said adaptor (which he did ask me to do), priced at US $27.50, and learnt that the cheapest postage option is US $28.50 and fainted, upon regaining consciousness I found Andrew MacGregor’s email and shot off a question about possible availability of the gadget within Australia; even though Pa pree is paying, I felt the postage for this small gadget – after conversion it will be way more than forty dollars at our current exchange rate – was a yuppee’s option, not an elderly pensioner’s. So I live in hope on behalf of Pa pree, who would no doubt just dig deep for the prohibitive postage anyway.

A fascinating intersection of modern global interconnectivity occurred during my googling for shakuhachi information: my google search for ‘Shakuhachi Adaptor australia’ brought up this very site on the first page of 10 results! But two days ago I wrote in my diary about Pa pree’s new flute, and that post was offered up by Gary G. Google. I find that quite something, as well as completely useless to me! I’m looking for information, and Google returns something I wrote two days ago! The mind googles!

I was about to embark on a late walk about half two when Missus Inkletinkle got up for a tinkle and a cup of chamomile tea, having difficulty sleeping. I enjoyed my walk, though these walks always stress me physically very much, but at least it was a bit cooler than these last several nights. In the past two weeks I’ve encountered maybe four dead crows, which is a bit of a record, and interesting in that they are a bird that is hard to catch, hit with a car, or cause to meet with other misadventures. Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday that I heard an owl again, down the bottom of our street, on my walk last night, close to the road, maybe in the backyard of the house behind the road front house I walked past. What a thrill, for I lurv owls.

On my return I quickly typed up some more notes for my The Dawkins Deduction, which ideas occurred to me on my walk, and I hadn’t this time jotted them down on paper while out and about. This of course is risky, as many times I’ve tried to delay this till I get back, and then find I’ve forgotten my ideas.


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