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Monday, August 30, 2010

SPRING GROVE: "A true alchemist whose life wasn't just one of halves," PLInkletter said, "his was the alpha and beta. Pity his split tummy was gammy."

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
30th August 2010

Monday: I drove to Melville in the early afternoon, and took Mum shopping here and there, getting those things done 'that never get done'. Of course, we began at Miss Maud's takeaway, and put away a roll each of her exquisite creations, each choosing the savoury spinach variety today.

There was a mildest of hint of disappointment in the background of our time together, mainly in the early stages, given a disagreement last week over the way to deal with a distant family member's dealings with me. I was expecting there would be some hint of dissonance, for we are all too human. Sad thing is, I'm the innocent party (I would say that wouldn't I?)

I didn't get back home till about six. I must have frightened little children and some adults with my right bloodshot eye, which has been spending more time shot through crimson than white these past many weeks.

Lateline: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: the long interview tonight was conducted between two remarkably well presented women, Leigh Sales and Julie Bishop, Deputy Opposition Leader. Ms Sales chose a most attractive grey jacket over a black blouse with large white wonky pokadots, super subtle-effect makeup, zero jewellery (not even earrings), and nicely convex flaring hair style. And she shone. Ms Bishop looked fabulous in her choice of coarse weave-effect jacket and brown blouse, with expensive looking jewellery – because doubtless it was – and, perhaps apart from her eye makeup, all was rather subtle-effect, with her shortish but effective hair style.

Leigh Sales shines without jewellery and minimilist effect makeup

Julie Bishop radiated, with the help of some high end fashion and precious stones
Nothing Ms Sales could ask or suggest or prompt, on the general subject of the negotiations still ongoing with the Independents with the view to forming Government, could get Ms Bishop to deviate from totally stock standard Australian adversarial polly style and polly speak, and thus she's still as boring and predictable as bat shit like the great majority of our politicians are.

However, Ms Bishop spoke in a polished way, demonstrating she has good oratorial skills, and she just may well be maturing somewhat from some of her petty 'how very dare you' performances in the past, and be growing into a reasonable politician. Be aware that it is one thing to present as a quality politician, and another to be a quality politician. I hope we are seeing the ongoing transformation into the latter in process with Ms Bishop.

Let me acknowledge one major strength in the Coalition that Ms Bishop spoke of, that leaves the Labor side for dead: "...we allow members to cross the floor without their being ramifications.

I mean, that is a stark contrast with the Labor Party that has this Stalinist approach to anybody who speaks out of caucus. They're not allowed to cross the floor, otherwise they get expelled from the party." Hear, hear!

Lateline Business got rather cute tonight, and one could be forgiven for thinking a beautifully attired-in-magenta Brigid Glanville 

What a simple way to spice up a business current affairs program: Brigid Glanville lets loose a bit of colour
was flirting with a dapperly done out Charlie Aitken from Southern Cross Equities, or was Charlie flirting with Brigid?:

Brigid Glanville: "You sound positively excited."

Charlie Aitken: "I am a bit excited. I'm doing well to contain myself."

Is Brigid Glanville positively exciting Charlie Aitken, and how well did he contain himself?


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