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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NEW HYDE PARK: "Not one to take it lying down, he helped over 5 million families lie down," PLInkletter said, joining Madam Nodette on the convertible

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
24th August 2010

Tuesday: Another day night day blur… Anyway, that's nothing unusual around these parts.

I spent much of the evening with Cadbury asleep on my lap, while I watched Aunty's fabulous lineup. I was struck by Kerry O'Brien's attire tonight, the anchor of The 7.30 Report. What do you think?

Kerry O'Brien made his attire choices well tonight, proving he's still a chick magnet
It was a privilege again to listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali chatting with Jennifer Byrne on Jennifer Byrne Presents. I say 'again', referring to the recent interview she had with Leigh Sales on Lateline.

Speaking of which: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Ms Sales looked very good with her attire choices tonight, with the green blouse contrasting excellently with both her skin and jacket, and her understated and subtle-effect makeup worked superbly with her tiny earrings and lovely convex flaring hair style.

Little wonder Leigh Sales glowed tonight, with two excellent interviews lined up with a couple of Aussie blokes who know how to excite a lass interested in politics
Ms Sales treated us to two excellent interviews tonight, on the pertinent topic of how the soon to be formed post-election Federal Government could be structured and run successfully. I almost choked on my cocoa watching the news earlier tonight seeing Tony Abbott hypocritically suggest that Parliament could become a kinder more sensible place; what a sad sight to have one of the greatest causes of nastiness in our House on the hill claiming he can fix it. Her first long interview guest was current Tasmanian Labor Premier David Bartlett, who looked great in his dark suit and self striped white shirt, set off well with a fandango tie. I did not know he wore a ring on his right thumb (one of those health copper thingies perhaps?)

A politician who sounded less like your average Australian politician, David Bartlett was a pleasure to listen to. Is that a ring on his thumb?
Ms Sales began with a provocative question regarding the selling of Mr Bartlett's soul (his own words earlier this year) to form government in league with the Greens. He laughed it off, and went on to give a refreshingly uplifting description of what his Government does to make his minority government work, and how it could work for us federally. For a party politician, he was relatively an inspiration to listen to.

Next came the cream on the cake, a long interview on the same subject with former NSW Opposition Leader John Brogden. I don't recall what he was like when he was in politics, but he was just wonderful to listen to five years out from his departure from parliament. Mr Brogden also looked great in a dark suit and pale blue shirt combo set off nicely yet conservatively (surprise surprise, being a Liberal Party member) with a (paradoxically) red tie with stripes; it would have looked better with a wide knot.

Watch this fellow! He talked such pleasant sense concerning the new challenge for our federal politicians to govern our nation in a more cooperative manner, and struck a chord a half with the anchor of LATELINE, Leigh Sales
If only our party politicians were as pleasant and stable and non-hysterical as this fellow (Mr Bartlett came close), Mr Brogden gave excellent accounts of the challenges ahead for our federal politicians as they grapple with their emasculation in terms of majority rule margins, and I especially appreciated his appraisals of the three currently elected independents. Every aspect of governance he spoke about was very well considered and sensible. We need the likes of this fellow at the very top (Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott as well. Did you see Tony Windsor's fine performance on Tony Jones' Q&A Monday night?!)

Now if you haven't seen tonight's LATELINE interview, then please visit the ABC's website and watch it, and see if you don't agree that Ms Sales and Mr Brogden should be grateful they were obviously not alone in the studio at Ultimo, for their rapport was palpable and began to encroach on dangerous ground! Alone, anything could have happened! Their spouses should make sure they're each present in the studio for any future interviews.

Are we witnessing the melting of a disciplined stalwart of current affairs – Leigh Sales – under the charms of of a former NSW Opposition Leader – John Brogden?
Yes, I hear the opinions that they would make beautiful children together, but hey, this is the ABC!

I take my hat off to John Brogden: his was one of the most subtle charm offensives I've witnessed, winning Leigh Sales with propriety of all things!
I've had some unwelcome stress to deal with these past many days, coming from the antics of a 'distant' family member, who is harassing me and pressuring me, and also through another family member, to pander to his dysfunction. Whew! Ignorance for some is bliss. And it is amazing how one can be made to feel responsible for the shortcomings of the perpetrator. When this situation flares, as it does periodically, it disturbs my equilibrium. I stop listening to music, I alter my behaviour in curious ways, in a somewhat unconscious attempt to cope better or whatever it is. Maybe the stopping listening to my uplifting music, which is not a good thing to do, attunes my behaviour to my mood?

The Blogger troubles I've been having have exacerbated my unease. I spent countless (literally) hours trying to make the stupid piece of online software do a reasonable job back in 2007 when I first joined blogspot, and here in 2010 it still is a misbehaving and capricious beast. The time I've wasted and still have consumed doing simple posts is time that I can't spend writing, which I'd far prefer to do.

Thank God for my wee small hours' walks, usually around 3 a.m., to help clear my head and heart, and remind me of my many blessings.

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