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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FOUNTAINBRIDGE: "Never say never again," advises Payton L. Inkletter, "unless shaking really does stir you too much, or Mum & Dad tell you otherwise."

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
25th August 2010

Wednesday: Did I speak yesterday of day night day blurring? Yes I did, and ditto for today. I was so involved with producing the latest blog entry that it was around 8 in the morning before I got to slip between the low thread count polycottons. I chatted to and annoyed Janny for a little while, then she got up and soon was off to her Dianella Spinning Group for the first time in quite a few weeks, due to the interposition of her break at Balingup and the assistance for a couple of weeks to The Dear Leader to prepare for his house inspection.

And so I dragged myself up when Janny returned at half one and went like a relative whirlwind (for me!) to get ready to take Bob swimming. I left about ten to three, almost a world record for me in recent years. I hadn't seen Bob for a week, and he was keen to go walking before his swim, and so we strolled the riverside from Woodbridge to Viveash for an hour and a bit. The temperature was cool, the day fine and sunny, and it felt like being in paradise.

Up at the Viveash end, at Reg Bond Reserve precisely, we saw two women walking with the longest of hair. The one had hair to her waist, while her walking partner had brunette hair to below the back of her knees. I was almost spellbound, given my adoration of long hair on women. Our paths didn't spontaneously cross in the two near encounters we had, but I wish they had, for I wanted to speak to them and share my admiration, as carefully and fragrantly as possible, lest they took it wrong. Bob was oblivious, but then he only has one eye…

I can only imagine the work the longer haired woman must have on a daily basis to care for her crowning glory, unless she has assistance.

At the pool at Swan Aquatic I finished my second reading of Anne Enright's The Gathering. This is possibly the only fiction book I've ever read twice, and definitely the only one I've read back to back. And I have a strong feeling that I'll read it a third time sometime. I have been swept away with Anne Enright's achievement with this book; her mastery of writing is magnificent, while her grasp of human relations and the human condition is strong. There is a magic in reading great literature, a transportation from the ordinary to the extraordinary, even when the subject matter happens to be ordinary.

I was pretty tired when I got back after 8 this evening, having got petrol and money on the way home. Janny fed me, bless her gorgeous self, and then I settled in with Cadbury asleep on my lap to watch Aunty all night before Letterman.

Lateline: The (Tony) SilverToes aka Tojo (Jones) Assay: Tony Jones never fails to look resplendent when he fronts the Lateline cameras, and while his grey tie on a white shirt within the ambit of his dark pinstriped suit was rather conservative for him, at least his tie had a sheen, and his shirt collar points were the long and attractive type.

Sartorially as resplendent as always, Tony Jones brought us interesting interviews with Senator Nick Xenophon and MHRs Adam Bandt and Bob Katter
 Mr Jones brought us two very interesting interviews tonight, the first by phone with Bob Katter, Independent MHR, the second with newly elected Greens MHR Adam Bandt and Independent Senator Nick Xenophon.

Nick Xenophon lends his support for a less partisan democratic model for Australia in his interview with Tony Jones
Adam Bandt kept some of his powder dry during his interview with Tony Jones
How refreshing to hear a new style of politics coming from politicians who are more interested in substance than spin. This new evenly balanced situation in federal parliament may prove to be the best thing to have happened to our nation politically in a very long time. I am buzzing with the presentation of the refreshing ideas to make our parliamentary government actually grow up substantially and work more effectively for the good of our people. I won't hold my breath that it will happen, or if it does, that it will last for long, but it is a very hopeful sign.

Is there anything more boring than listening to a diehard Labor or Liberal politician spruiking themselves and gutsaching about the other side? What an invigorating change to have the likes of Katter, Windsor, Oakeshott, Xenophon, and even Bandt (I say 'even' only because he is beholden nevertheless to a highly ideological party, the Greens) speaking to us about lifting standards of governance. And the contrast is driven home when on the same night we see on the news the old school style still entrenched by the likes of Gillard and Abbott. I think Julia Gillard has more credibility than Tony Abbott when she indicates that she is prepared to try a new and more mature style, but then only eating the pudding will tell.

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