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Monday, August 23, 2010

MINTER FIELD: "He ruffled a few feathers, but in the main the condors just laughed," PL Inkletter recalls. "Gossamer would have readily grounded him."

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
23rd August 2010

Monday: Phew! What a frustrating 48 hours I've had trying to fix up one of my webpage's appearance, without complete success yet, staying up all night pulling my hair out. Here's how it started:

Gladys Hobson, a great friend of Fool's Paradise – Infinity on a Shoestring, has long told me that she can hardly read the text at my The Abecedarian Project. I had assumed it was some fault at her end, as did she. However, I decided a few days back to install a Windows version of Safari, the web browser used by default by Apple-Mac computers, and visit the site with it. I got the vision I didn't want to see: the exact problem Gladys gets, where the dark patterned background underneath the webpage shows, not the overlayed page colour. An extra shock for me was to find that even IE does the same thing at this page only.

So now I have to test every page I create with four blasted browsers: Firefox, my default and preferred browser, which displays The Abecedarian Project just fine, Opera, IE, and now Safari. After untold hours of experiments, I now have a single column template at TAP, but at present the posts and comments links, along with any pictures embedded in the posts, won't activate in Opera or Safari, but at least the four browsers are displaying the eye friendly champagne background all the way down the page. One cost was having to eliminate several widgets, including the Stephen Long glasses poll.

I have a lot more experimenting to do to try to get the four browsers behaving the same. Oh, and Blogger, I still hate every inch of you.

Lateline: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Ms Sales could hardly have looked better tonight, choosing a collarless dark blue or black blouse (eyes and TV!) with a white crazy patch pattern, a modesty panel in white (the only improvement would have been a darker shade for better contrast against her skin), no jewellery but for tiny earrings, subtle-effect make-up, with ideally somewhat understated eyeliner and shadow, with attractively convex flaring hair on the sides of her face.

Everything about Leigh Sales' appearance worked so well tonight
Her long interview on-screen guest, from Canberra, was Rob Oakeshott, freshly re-elected with an increased vote as an independent MHR for Lyne, who looked excellent in his choice of dress: a dark (bistre?) suit and a possibly Alice blue shirt with a crosschecked camel base tie: these calls might be wrong, but the combination was great.

Rob Oakeshott looked great, spoke great, was great!
Now what a pleasure these independent politicians are to listen to, from Ms Sales' guests last week, Bob Katter and Tony Windsor, and Mr Oakeshott tonight. Ms Sales got to introduce this Independent to me and doubtless many others, and I am left with a very positive feeling about the man. And what a contrast to the plasticness and phoniness of the party politicians we have to suffer through constantly.

His answers were fragrant with respect, sensibleness, acumen, and a healthy degree of earnestness, and I can well understand how Ms Sales could say, when time was up (17½ minutes!), "Rob Oakeshott, I've got about an hour's worth of questions but I will have to wrap up. We'll have to do it another time."


Gladys Hobson said...

Would you believe it?
I got here instantly by googling fools paradise on a shoestring and then clicking on the same.
Now you may think that is an odd way to get here. But you see I have the other address in my computer and that one takes ages to load, and then a click on other news (or some such), followed by another click and more loading. It was actually seeing my name on the google line that ensured the direct click. Sound garbled? Yep! But now things are easier!

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: You've got to hand it to Google! And your fame (infamy?) is spreading, given your unrelated googling returns offerings with your name in it.

I increasingly find it quicker to google things than find them on my computer. Dread the day the internet collapses (benignly or malignly) worldwide for even one hour!

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