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Friday, August 6, 2010

SNAKE RANGE: "Prometheus fell that a man could count to 5000," bristled PLInkletter, missing solace, clawing at icy rocks, oh no match for metal teeth

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
06th August 2010

Friday: Yes, another blurring of night and day. Despite fighting with sleep 'last night before midnight', it was almost midday 'today' before Mistress Nodette welcomed me into her warm and safe embrace.

Monday last week Missus Inkletter left me…

Tomorrow she is coming back…

Well, I'm picking her up from Safety Bay, where Margie Kismikkin will be bringing her from Balingup, where she has just enjoyed a break of 12 days in paradise.

She will immediately be engulfed in a whirlwind of demands upon her time and energy by certain folk, when what she could do with is freedom for a while. Such is the poor woman's lot.

Before retiring for Thursday this late Friday morning, I phoned Mum to enquire how she is faring after the at-least-twenty-odd-stitches cut behind her ear from the local anaesthetic surgery she had on Monday, when I took her to the skin specialist appointment in Ardross. Finally the pain is almost gone, and she answered the door to Silver Chain while on the phone to me, for her third change of dressing by these good professionals. I was most relieved when we were able to have arranged visits from them for my 79 year old frail mother, particularly as the cut was so huge, perhaps two inches long from the back of the ear lobe down the neck.

The preparation for the removal of a basal cell carcinoma from behind her right ear involved two syringes of anaesthetic and at least twenty punctures along the textered outline. This hurt Mum a great deal. When the surgeon left to attend to other matters while it kicked in, I held Mum's hand as she lay on the bench, with tears in her eyes.

She later told me that she wanted her mother while suffering the sting and shock of those needle pricks. Dear Nanna, born in 1900, who died a month before our daughter was born in '84, was the most wonderful woman around. Mum wanted her mum, dead for 26 years, to comfort her. A mother's love has no replacement.

So I did eventually retire, surfacing around five, and I scrambled to wake myself up, and take The Dear Leader to the local shops, where I bought him a halal chicken meal, not because he requires halal, but because our local Chooks is a halal establishment. I brought him back to our place and we two lads ate together and watched The Collectors followed by an arresting SBS documentary called Doctors of Death.

After that light note, I returned him to his place. Back to our place, own my ownsome, with Missus Inkletter coming back to me tomorrow, or rather, I'll be picking her up. She is coming to Safety Bay (as I have mentioned) with her Balingup hostess, Margie, who has an outing to go to. Thus, while I miss out on a trip to the beautiful region that Balingup nestles in, it saves us a very long trip.

Lateline: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Her choices of couture resulted in a professional and fresh look, her dark fine striped sharp vee neckline jacket being effective simplicity itself, a small modesty panel provided by her underbodice of light grey, no jewellery but for short dangling gold earrings (plus wedding ring, there of course to signify blissful bondage rather than adornment), subtle effect make-up, and a most appealing Sandra Dee look hair style, Ms Sales' only way to look a tad more stunning tonight would be to have had a darker shade of grey for her modesty panel, as it was borderline too light against her redhead's white skin decolletage area. (Readers of old know my aversion to exposed camisoles that are hard to distinguish from the woman's skin; contrast, possums, where contrast is best.)

Leigh Sales could not possibly be talking to a politician with a smile like this
By the way, what a good sport Ms Sales was Wednesday night in her cameo role on Yes We Canberra! I suspect we have a budding actress in this capable journalist, and I'm not joking: she played the role of a sneaky limelight-stealer from Tony Jones, her fellow LATELINE anchor, just right, making the whole simple and harmless idea very entertaining.

Peter Hartcher was her first interview, and it was about tomorrow's published Fairfax Media election opinion poll. He was smartly dressed, but his shirt collar was oddly high above his jacket; see what you think:

Peter Hartcher's pleasant voice would be ideal for an audio book: listen to him if you get the chance
Ms Sales' next guests were Tony Burke the Sustainable Population Minister, in-studio, and on-screen from Melbourne Opposition Environment Spokesman Greg Hunt. The interview was as predictable as they come, no fault of Ms Sales, with Greg Hunt being the more hyperbolic, surprise surprise.

Tony Burke defending his Government come what may…
The lads looked smart, with Mr Burke sporting a near Payne's grey suit and white shirt combo, set off with a broad striped thistle and eggplant tie, while Mr Hunt chose an arsenic subtle and wide pinstriped suit with self-striped white shirt plus a beautiful iris stripes on Alice blue tie.

Greg Hunt attacking the Government come what may…
The most memorable line for me from this interview came from Mr Burke as a reply to Mr Hunt's assertion "…His (Tony Abbott) views have been known for a decade and a half. His conviction is incredibly strong…"
Mr Burke: "…Tony Abbott's campaigning on being everything other than the convictions that he holds..." and then he listed several of these dichotomies.

Mr Hunt showed that he's as hypocritical a politician as the best of them when he listed the ways in which the billions of dollars of Labor's wasted spending could have been spent (I'm not arguing the waste here), including curing "avoidable Indigenous blindness in this country", giving "hundreds of thousands of seniors and pensioners dental care": I recall John Howard cutting a couple of hundred million dollars or so from a low income dental health scheme, and I also recall his government spending untold hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money on partisan advertising, which could have gone to some wonderful and better causes.

It was a relief when these predictable politicians were through!

Thank god for Stephen Long: The (Stephen) Long and Short of It: Looking smartly attired for his 3 ¼ minutes of glory, Mr Long achieved this with a suit that I'm not able to call correctly, maybe a dark Prussian blue, but so commanding with its subtle and fine pinstripes, a white shirt, and a blond tie with interesting brown stripes within white stripes (of course, I would not be the least bit surprised to learn that any of my calls on colours and textures, from my computer screen, prove to be way off the mark in the flesh). And NO GLASSES.

Stephen Long shares a moment of humorous pity with Leigh Sales for the two pollies who had just insulted all of our collective intelligence in the previous interview
Which leads me to the poll to be found over at The Abecedarian Project:

Should the ABC's STEPHEN LONG ditch his glasses?
This question has divided the world thus far: one million have said YES; one million have said NO; and nine million have chosen other options, including a million saying: He's really trying to crack on to Leigh Sales; another million asking: Any shots of his chest hair?; and a million saying: He can tweak my digits any day!; Stephen's Mum and 999,999 others weighed in with: Back off you cougars, he's my sweet and lovely boy!

An overseas commenter, one Gladys Hobson, writer, said "To be honest, I think that guy is incredibly handsome. The glasses photograph is a BAD one, he does not look the same guy at all. On the non-glasses photograph there is a gentleness about his looks. Yes, I could trust my daughter with him (if I had one)…"

To the detail of Mr Long's answers to Ms Sales' questions:

More story coming…

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