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Friday, September 24, 2010

TÓRSHAVN: "He pointed us towards the light, and not with a grain of salt," PLInkletter remarked. "A boy of good heart, too often the great die young."

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
24th September 2010

Friday: Not much sleep had, but what's new? I rushed around, after a late arising, doing too many things but somehow managing to get a good number done, before setting off for Guildford on this warm day for early spring.

Bob was keen to go on the John George Walk Trail along the Swan, and we again met Cheshirian Peter, 78, and his gorgeous endearing corgi Phoebe. Two months ago we first spoke, and two weeks ago Peter had his kidney operation: not the removal he was expecting, rather some kind of scraping of the vital organ for three hours. Phoebe is as fat as butter, nine years old, and her back legs jut up when she sits her sumptuous bottom down.

A dear old lady, Phoebe the corgi, loves her elderly master Peter from Cheshire, and is watching solicitously out for him after his operation, when he goes for his walks
While at Swan Aquatic's pool, Baby Inkletter phoned me to share the joy that her horror teaching prac is over as of today! She has had a supervising teacher from hell, who had treated her abysmally, and told her that she considers each student teacher each year as her ticket for an annual holiday courtesy of the extra hundred bucks a day, and a chance to Facebook and do texting up the back of the class while her lessons are done for her. Also, she had our daughter do about an 80% load from day dot, almost ten weeks ago. And for all her work, she marked her very low.

Well, that's just another experience to use to fortify herself for the remainder of life.

She phoned me again to let me know that she had just heard on Radio National that Kezza the Great is leaving The 7.30 Report at the end of this year. We both have been following Kerry O'Brien for many years, myself of course for some decades longer.

It was well after eight when I got home to Missus Inkletter, who, poor thing, has been unwell all week. Yesterday she vomited badly, and for half the week almost lost her voice (that part I'm thankful for).

Today I finished Albert Camus' 'The Outsider': I will take some time, methinks, to digest it and decide what I think of it. It certainly was a pared use of language, direct, with simple sentences. I wonder did it suffer much in translation from the French?

Lateline: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Leigh Sales gleamed in a light grey jacket with a champagne ruffled blouse, tiny pearl earrings, and subtle-effect makeup, and crowned with her convex flaring hair style, tonight more often falling assymetrical and fetching enough for it, flaring largely to her left side. Now as for the colour of her blouse, it was saved by its ruffles, for without them the lack of contrast with her décolletage skin would have not worked well.

Leigh Sales had the pleasure of the wit of Michael White, Assistant Editor of The Guardian, on LATELINE
Her long interview guest, Michael White, an old Bodmin Grammar School boy, now Assistant Editor of The Guardian, where he's been working for almost 40 years, to discuss the leadership contest for the British Labour Party. Mr White looked corking with his salt and pepper dark grey suit and darker grey shirt, set off superbly with a green shiny tie.

Michael White made entertaining listening from London on LATELINE, with Leigh Sales
Mr White's wit was a delight, as he answered with generosity Ms Sales' many questions, starting with the prospect of one of the Miliband brothers leading the Labour Party.

It was obvious that Mr White was conversant with Australia's federal politics since our recent election, noting the minority government challenges we both now share.

What a pleasant listening voice Mr White has! Add to this his intelligence and grasp of current affairs, and you have a recipe for a pleasant viewer experience. And we even got a different vantage on Big Ben in the background: not the common view we are usually treated to when the interlocutor is in London.

There were too many witticisms to record here from Mr White's sharp mind, however, I was particularly tickled by his "flabby faced old cowards" remark with reference to the Conservatives.

Ms Sales obviously enjoyed interviewing Mr White, and I certainly enjoyed the experience as a spectator. I hope he comes back often. I reckon interviews like these must be a form of hard earned relaxation for the likes of Ms Sales.

I'm already missing Stephen Long, who's surely not off cutting corners somewhere? He would be more likely adding corners, polishing them, and adding 'see wot's coming' mirrors.

In the wee small hours I watched an interview Jon Stewart did with King Abdullah of Jordan on 23rd September, and I recommend it for a brief insight into the thinking of a moderate leader in the region, while talking to a well known comedian.

Some refreshing and moderate insight came from King Abdullah of Jordan on the Israeli-Palestine problem, while talking over the issue with comedian Jon Stewart on The Daily Show
I called off my plan to go for a walk in these same wee small hours, hitting the low thread count poly cottons around half four. When I called Cadbury in around three, she was wet, although there was no rain; a look around revealed a thick fog, saturated enough to coat Cadbury's fur heavily with dew. For northern hemisphereans, fog is uncommon in Perth.


Gladys Hobson said...

Flabby faced old cowards? The Conservatives?
Not sure young Mr Cameron would like to hear that. Cowards? At least they intend to be brave enough to attempt to get the country out of this 'use another credit card to pay for what's owing' attitude. The other lot refused to say what they would do. Except to make the workers and employers pay more for national Insurance. Somehow this part remedy seems to have slipped the minds of those braying for Conservative blood.

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: I won't pretend to know British politics, but I do enjoy wit.

Frankly, I too often discover too little to respect on either 'side' of the political parties in our Western democracies. At least in terms of practice.

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