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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BRISTOL: "An albatross around his neck, with much huffin and puffin, he soon put paper back in front of the masses," PL Inkletter coolly noted, drily.

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
21st September 2010

Tuesday: Late last night I registered online to be an organ donor, after watching Tracy Bowden's report, in which Mark Colvin was featured, on the low organ donor rates in Australia, on Kerry O'Brien's 7.30 Report. The online page advised me that my new application appeared to be a duplicate, and asked me to phone to clarify matters. And in the middle of the night I did, to learn that yes, I have long been registered.

I was uncertain, because donkey's years ago I had my status as an organ donor on my driver's licence, only to have that system scrapped here in W.A. Anyway, the friendly nurse informed me that I re-registered in 2002. She confirmed my understanding that, unfortunately, despite my registered intention, next of kin can still block my wishes after my death. And so, registering that I want to be an organ donor when I cark it if they're of any use, then being contingent on the okay of my next of kin, seems a bit redundant to me, to say the least.

Speaking of last night, it was great to see Ticky Fullerton return, with her undeniable journalistic skills and intelligence, after some week's absence, to Lateline Business; however, she did exactly what Ali Moore did, or strictly speaking, didn't do, when she returned from an absence: back in May, Ms Moore returned to the chair after many weeks away, during which time Whitney Fitzsimmons had filled her position, but neglected to make any mention of her service; last night Ms Fullerton neglected to make any mention of Brigid Glanville, who had filled her position. These lapses, for that's what they seem to be to me, are missed opportunities to be gracious, regardless of the quality of the job the replacement has done. I am slightly puzzled as to why ones of the stature of Ms Fullerton and Ms Moore would not have done this.

I didn't manage my walk last night, although I would have enjoyed it and I somewhat needed it.

I was dead tired as per usual, and dragged myself up at the crack of one (p.m. that is!), and helped Janny clean the place up for our special guests for dinner and my training tonight, Reeve Chocson and his business partner and friend, Meynell the Humble. Our guests arrived by six, and we broke bread, a wonderful meal on short notice by the greatest cook in Australia, Janny Inkletter.

The training to which I referred? Reeve observed Meynell the Humble who gave me one-on-one training with Photoshop Elements, for a couple of hours. These fellows are going to be training professionally with one-on-one courses, and I was the benificiary of their early development of the course they are designing. I am very grateful to be the guinea pig, because anything to do with Photoshop has always been too arcane for me on my lonesome.

Reeve had to depart by nine, and Meynell the Humble stayed and chatted with us after my training wrapped up, for another hour and a half. It was nice to get to know him better.

After our guest left, Lateline was just starting: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Leigh Sales, as usual, looked consummate in her dark jacket and bisque ruffled blouse combination, subtle-effect makeup and convex flaring hair style, and with but tiny pearl earrings her only concession to jewellery.

Leigh Sales' enjoyment from interviewing one of the Independents in Federal Parliament was evident
Her long interview guest was Independent Senator Nick Xenophon, who also as usual, looked tired (maybe not, but his bags under his eyes – like my own – always give that impression), but was smartly attired in a dark jacket and pale textured shirt with a very conservative dark striped tie, to put a ring of sombreness to the main subject discussed: pokie machine gambling.

Despite the serious subject, Senator Nick Xenophon was like a breath of fresh air from amid the morass of Canberra politics
There is so much comparitive refreshment when our independent politicians are interviewed. I for one cannot get enough of these interviews; these politicians usually tell it like it is, and their integrity glows from their pores.

Ms Sales gave us a sweet moment after some disarming modesty from Mr Xenophon: "I think my thoughts are largely irrelevant. I think that ... (concerning who should be the Speaker of the House of Representatives)"

Ms Sales: "That doesn't stop many politicians!"

I found this a really good interview, and I hope we are treated to many more from this combination of Ms Sales and Mr Xenophon. It beats the crap out of the predictable output of the typical Labor-Coalition divided politicians.

I mustered the energy very late – around 4 a.m. – to go for a badly needed walk, and while it was rather tiring, I got a psychological boost.

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