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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LUBBOCK: "Not about to fade away," P. L. Inkletter reckons, "a flavour in American pie, beautiful corpse. Oh boy! Just imagine what would have been…"

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
07th September 2010

Tuesday: I slept badly most of the night, despite being incredibly tired. I know the reason this time: a 'distant' family member, the same one whom I spoke of back in the posting of 24th August, has continued applying pressure to a close family member to hassle me for a particular immature, and, I'm highly convinced, disingenuous goal, and this close member is far too emotionally fragile to be involved.

This occurred very recently, spoiling an otherwise most satisfying time spent with the close family member. The tension and stress resulting from it was very difficult to bear for both of us, and the inner turmoil has continued troubling me for too long.

So, another non-rejuvenating sleep, as if I need another one of those…

It was so nice that a little rain came today, and I had the opportunity to curl up on the Player recliner with Cadbury on my lap, and watch several hours of the news on the ABC, covering the decision of the three federal Independents, Katter, Oakeshott, and Windsor, which delivered the election to the Labor Party. Another little piece of history I've managed to catch as it unfolded; now just how much additional good will our nation manage to draw from this minority government situation? – the first in 70 years or so, so they say.

Very late in the day, after Missus Inkletter returned from yet another marathon out and about with The Dear Leader, during a spell between showers, I began cutting the weeds with the electric mower in the front yard, getting maybe a quarter done by dark. I used the catcher and put about four loads of clippings out onto the worm farms in the backyard, which will thrive on the stuff.

Oh, before I forget to mention, poor Missus Inkletter badly scalded her left hand on Saturday, when she was filling a thermos pot for a picnic we went to with sister Mary and Mum at Wireless Hill, where we saw about six or seven varieties of native orchids. Anyway, back to the scald; almost the entire top of the back of her hand and most of her fingers got a drenching with boiling water, and three days later, despite copious amounts of aloe vera applications, the hand looks like it has been roasted in the oven. It hurt her terribly at the time, and has been very tender and sore since.

And also, before I forget to mention, Mum and I visited my dear Uncle M yesterday, who is in a nursing home in Midland (which I did not know until a few days ago, believing it to be in a suburb to the south of there). I first mentioned him back in a very early entry on my Main Site, on Monday, August 20, 2007. Later this month he turns 90, and his life imploded just over three years ago just before the date of that posting, when he went from a fully active life, still driving, to being in a wheelchair, from a serious car accident which almost killed him. We had a chat for over an hour, and he was close to tears when we had to leave.

He amazed me with his sharp mind, and most particularly his kindly disposition given his unpleasant circumstances; the conditions at the home could be worse, but they could be far better, and the states of mind, ethics, and health of some of the residents swarming around him are, frankly, very distressing. I am left convinced, if I needed it, that I have here an uncle of remarkable character. He was a delight all of my young life, and given what has happened to him in recent years, he could have gone two ways; while we were with him he did not complain about his lot once, and was inspiringly cheerful. I look up to him for his wonderful achievement in awful circumstances.

I enjoyed an evening in front of Aunty with Cadbury on my lap again (she has been uber spoiled today). Lateline: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: there definitely are advantages for a journalist being on duty on a momentous news day, and this was Leigh Sales' lucky lot today, given the long awaited decision from the three federal Independents, which has handed ongoing government to Labor. Ms Sales' appearance was simply spectacular tonight (as it was last night by the way, don't you agree?:

Did Leigh Sales make Professor Hugh White see red or gold?
 ), with a high necked grey jacket over a black camisole, subtle effect makeup, tiny pearl earrings, and a divine convex flaring hair style:

Leigh Sales looked spectacular. (It must be a pain in the bottom to have know-it-alls like me commenting on your appearance all the time!)
Her first interview was with the incomparable, for all the right reasons, Tony Windsor, Independent for New England. Mr Windsor looked excellent, his dark suit and white tie conservative combo set alight superbly with a bold striped tie of black and gold:

It's either this or cry… Tony Windsor after a momentous day in Canberra, still down to earth, still fragrant
 More story coming…


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