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Thursday, September 23, 2010

BROOME: "The original crocodile hunter, alas, hunts no more," sadly notes PLInkletter, "but I'll bet he'll be across the top with the game up yonder."

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
23rd September 2010

Thursday: After 15 hours sleep I felt only partly refreshed. Even with the help of three white comforters last night when I crashed at ten with a throbbing head.

And it may as well have been a summer's day, much to Janny and my disappointment. And the forecast for the next week has no rain in it. Gulp! And the new spring water restrictions are the worst they've been for years.

Enough complaining; we set off in the afternoon for a shopping outing, which neither of us particularly enjoy having to do, except that it is time together; just another set of chores. Oh, did I say I'd finished complaining? I wasted my time in a queue at the Post Office only to learn that they don't have a particular form (State Traffic Certificate) which I have to submit regarding my traffic record for my work with Bob, since I drive him places (as well as another, a National Police Certificate, totalling about 75 bucks at my expense: funny thing is, I've been working with Bob for 17 or so years, without either!). The woman who served me spent ages 'out the back' only to inform me, incorrectly as it turned out, that I have to go to such and such a department in Morley or Joondalup to get the form. I checked online this evening to learn that the one is from the Post Office, the other from a Police Station.

Between the three places we shopped, the remainder of the afternoon went west, and back home I got a tiny bit of weeding done out in the backyard plus some watering before dark. Pooh! I had hopes of getting much more done.

Lateline: The (Tony) SilverToes aka Tojo (Jones) Assay: I can not get enough of Tony Windsor, Independent MHR for New England, who was Tony Jones' long interview guest tonight. Mr Jones was decked out in a dark pinstripe suit, close to white shirt, and dark purple richly patterned tie; he looked immaculate as always, but a lighter brighter tie would have really set him on fire.

Tony Jones had the pleasure of interviewing Independent MHR for New England, Tony Windsor, on LATELINE. Mr Windsor diplomatically inferred that Tony Abbott is lower than a snake's belly.
Mr Windsor looked very smart, in his dark suit, white shirt, and red shade tie with white dots, and his endearing weather beaten face and crooked teeth.

Tony Windsor spoke forthrightly throughout his interview with Tony Jones on LATELINE, as is his wont. He related, when pressed by Mr Jones, his disappointment with Tony Abbott's attitude of business as usual for the new Parliament.
He politely and calmly, diplomatically and with grace, told us what a bastard most of us already know Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is. It seems certain now that the next three years, if the Parliament lasts that long, will be characterised by the smallness of the Opposition's last three years. They're led by a small minded bitter man, and sadly this seems to be a reflection of the troops he leads' mindset.

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