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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY: Hagar may have been horrible, she may have been nice, but don’t pretend that being married once is not better than being married twice

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

06th May 2009:

Wednesday: Even yet another day made in paradise if you like balmy fine sunny weather, or yet another day from hell if you want to eat and drink next year. I woke at four, unable to sleep and feeling not the best, but I lay and did mind exercises for some time before facing the loquacious lizard about five, not long before Umple Daffyd arrived for tuck tuck with Pa pree. I got a tiny tad of worm scrap feeding done outside before a shower, and then we enjoyed a meal centred around ‘osso buco’ or some such, but I didn’t have the courage to suck out the marrow. Afterwards we watched My Beloved, and then the boys left, leaving me to enjoy Farter Kerry’s interview on the upcoming budget with Malcolm Turnbull on The 7.30 Report; this was a very entertaining interview, which most of his horn lockings with Turnbull are becoming, given Kerry the Great’s red under the bed credentials, and Turnbull’s attempt to be everything the Government isn’t, as well as everything acceptable to the public that it is. I found it very witty of Turnbull, after using the term ‘sin’, to make reference to those of Kezza’s relatives who must surely belong to those Irish of ecclesiastical bent: ‘I'm sure there must be some sort of clerical relatives of the O'Briens, perhaps, that you've got some of their genes. Father O'Brien.’ Anyway, Turnbull got into some trouble in this interview, yet put up his usual gutsy fight when Mistah O’Brien lunged with his rhetorical sabre. I look forward to the next stoush, they being the next best things in the absence of the legendary clashes of O’Brien versus Howard.

I remained like a couch potato curled up upon the legendary Player recliner from seven till after eleven, watching exclusively Aunty, and then recording Letterman for later consumption. My ten cents worth: The Cubeo, by Kathryn Ryan and Gail Rose, featured on The New Inventors, is a good idea for school kids, but sell it for five bucks, not twenty, and they would sell millions in Australia alone. When was Spicks and Specks not a fabulous way to spend a half hour?; and tonight was no exception. Isn’t that Kate Miller-Heidke a very pretty lass! The Gruen Transfer I’ve always liked, but even Wil Anderson is growing on me as he continues to grow up, but Wil, you really don’t need to be so smutty. Ben Miller in Moving Wallpaper was funny as always, with, I notice, several actors he’s worked with in his other comedies. Missus Inkletter could not recall Raquel Cassidy as ‘Cassie Turner’ in ‘The Worst Week of My Life’, which is unusual, for it is normally yours truly who forgets such things – nyar, nyar nyar nyar nyar, nyar nyar!

The weary wayfarer was falling asleep during this last comedy, and so I woke her up enough for her to receive my emotional blackmail regarding my probable losing of weight and condition unless I had a huge platter of slices of apples and pears, and shavings of cheddar cheese made for me, before she went to bed. I enjoyed these latter goodies watching At The Movies, with the cup of moccers the dear old darling also made me, even though I quite loudly said “Under no circumstances make me a Moccona coffee, skim milk, soup mug!”

Finally, I felt suddenly young again when Leigh Sales lit up the screen to front her end of Lateline for the week; my word she looks much better than SilverToes ever has! Leigh wore her hair in the style that suits her better tonight, and in her prerecorded interview with the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority’s head, Christine Nixon, there was a shot in which Ms Sales’ beautiful red hair literally shone like the best of them in those unreal shampoo ads. Anyway, what’s all of that got to do with anything other than indicating that this hoary old (intellectually gifted) bull koala is all but one smitten kitten? When Leigh wrapped up tonight, her eyes sparkled and smiled, as they so often do, when she handed over the signal to Ali Moore, another gal who brings me back to life, but I had to record her program to attend to some postponed duties and health issues.

I got to with some writing, remaining at the poota till the alabaster alligator got up for a tinkle, then I powdered her bottom and sent her back, but not too long later and she was up again, having not slept, and having indigestion, poor paleolithic possum, she threw back an Acimax and watched with me the recording of Letterman I did earlier. Liev Schreiber, who I did not know of, despite being partnered to adopted fellow Aussie Naomi Watts, was dry but funny, and Dave warmed to him very well. Neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta struck a note with us for wanting to devote time to his young children, as well as continue practising, and so declined the offer of the position of Surgeon General in the Obama Administration. (I have just had to rewrite this paragraph, for my computer just threw another of its blue screens of death mid sentence at me, another ‘hardware malfunction’ thingy, which is happening at least weekly now; I am mighty glad the option to save every minute I use in Word is working, for I have just lost only one minute’s worth of writing.)

Oh, tonight, being the beginning of the seventh of the month from midnight, we were switched to the new Optus ‘Yes’ Fusion Unlimited phone-internet bundle! So, yas, we’ll see if all is as good as it sounds…

After putting the dollfaced dabchick back to bed, I embarked on a very late walk, after half two, on yet another night as totally still and the ethical portions of many politicians’ minds. This long stretch of Indian Summer is most unusual, dry as a bone, balmy, sunny, and truly disastrous despite the comfort. I returned to writing when I got back on this crispish night, with the lovely waxing moonlight shedding a softening layer upon the darkness.

It’s dawn in less than an hour, but sleep is hours away for me yet, because I have to deliver the Swift to Ultratune for repairs about eight, and then walk home for the exercise, which I so badly need to try to keep getting. I did a dual posting to my sites, then a kitchen clean up while the sunlight began playing peekaboo with the sky, then another dual posting! This took me up to almost half eight, when it was time to crank the donk and head south to Ultratune


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