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Sunday, May 17, 2009

GREENWICH: “Prescient?”: Payton L. Inkletter: “Today is the day after W.A. rejected daylight saving for the 4th time, 93 years after Britain started.”

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

17th May 2009:

Sunday: Janny was up before me, preparing to go to a Mormon church service at Ballajura, a curious predilection she has once or twice a year. I stumbled up about half eight, after twelve hours of reasonable sleep, and began the daunting effort to wake up.

While the translation candidate was away for almost four hours I ate breakfast, read the paper, gleefully taking in the daylight saving trouncing from yesterday’s referendum, and cleaned up the kitchen, which job took over an hour alone (kitchen clean ups take me a long time for at least three reasons: I am slow; I am thorough; I recycle every once living scrap, be it oil, fat, leftovers, peelings, crumbs, you name it, for my worm farms outdoors).

On her eventual return from the doctrinally deluded dudes (roughly no more so than a thousand other religious groupings I hasten to add, as well as subscribing to very much that is good) I gave the terrifying trilobite the emotional blackmail treatment, and thus was rewarded with a big plate of apple and pear slices and shavings of cheddar cheese, with a moccers coffee. Towards mid afternoon the rapacious reptile began undressing me with her eyes, and I knew I was a goner, with submission my only hope, given her history and track record when I resist. And so, as long term readers know only too well, she cast me off like a desert bleached spare rib bone after committing repeated acts of carnal knowledge upon and with me, at which point I felt safe to slip away, though greatly weakened, while the salacious sparrowhawk lay there in the boudoir glowing with extreme satiety, reliving in her endorphin swimming mind the multiple mind enrapturing orgasms she had just been the fortunate spoiled rotten pig recipient of.

Be all that just written as it may, on this warm fine balmy day I got towards an hour of backyard titivating done until dark. Then the commode dragon gallivanted off again to the Ballajura chapter of Terrestrial’s Angels, and she was missing for a bit more than three hours, in which time I watched My Beloved, then did another kitchen clean up for over an hour (refer earlier disclaimer!). We watched Compass together, then she was so tired I put her to bed, and came and did some catch up diary writing and one dual posting till after one a.m., despite my own tiredness, on this still crisp night, with, according to the little boys and girls who lied and now work for the Weather Bureau, one day of fine weather to go before the big drought breaks here in Perth.

I am far too tired to consider walking. I have been battling the usual health problems these past two days. I may now have a new problem: I lifted the television off the purple back room trunk for Janny to be able to get materials out of it for dressmaking tonight, and my back feels really painful; it is a heavy mother of a television, and I am twenty years past doing stuff like that.

My catch up writing took far longer than I planned, and I got quite cold sitting here at the keyboard, finally slipping in beside the grossly satiated frilly knickered lizard just before half two…


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