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Friday, April 3, 2009

LONDON: “Buy shares in Cottee’s now punters!” advises a sugar high Payton L. Inkletter, regardful of the embarrassment of cordial exchanges at the G20

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

03rd April 2009:

Friday: Overnight Janny had even more severe muscle pain in her right thigh, and so we were rather despondent concerning the facet joint injection she had on Monday to reduce the pain. I was feeling rather ill with headache when I finally arose after midday, after a much broken sleep, and despite white comforters, I felt bad all day, on this glorious mild to warm April day, with endless hours of sunshine.

I did a kitchen clean up, and chatted with Janny about the phone call Baby Inkletter had with her this morning, wherein the smoother one suggested perhaps the muscle cramps are in fact more a muscle thing than a pinched back sciatic nerve thing, considering that that leg with its muscle wastage and foot drop gets little exercise; she might be onto something, and if she’s right, one, why don’t the doctors think of this possibility, and two, at least there’s more we can easily do about that than if it is nerve generated. I dosed up on white comforters, picked up and dropped back here Pa pree, then shot off in the direction of Guildford, stopping off on the way at David Vicars’ Good Guys soopa doopa store in Malaga to pick up Missus InkleIwanttotryapropermassagerformyleg’s soopa doopa Homedics massager she’s only waited a month for. For some reason it took fifteen minutes before I had it in my outwardly cool calm and collected little paws, then off I shot on the interrupted journey to pick up Bob and take him swimming at Swan Aquatic. I got to Bob’s at 3.15. He did a good job in the pool, and didn’t leave the water once till his time was up, champion that he sometimes is. I did some more long hand editing of my old printout of Venty Still Part One, and I desperately need to get it redone on the poota.

I actually need a laptop; now we’re talking! I would even have less resistance to staying two nights in Balingup when I’m being hassled to drive the little people there, for one night is all I ever feel like spending, itching to get back to my writing. We finished with a walk in the dark, believe it or not, at seven o’clock at Fish Market Reserve, followed by a cup of tea; usually we do the walk first. Bob was thrown by the change to routine, and complained the whole time while walking, and at the same time kept saying he couldn’t see where he was walking, what with one eye and the vastly diminished light. We encountered a tent on the banks of the Swan, with a radio on, so a little bit of illegal camping might have been in process. The concept that it would have been darker had we had our cup of tea first was too profound for him to process apparently. Something amazing today: Bob forgot to bring his three cigarettes! I think that might be the first or second time only that such a thing has happened in fifteen years. The social trainers ragged him when we got back, as did I.

I called in to a Commonweath Bank ATM in Malaga in the dark on the way home, mindful of the ATM skimming devices found recently on two northern suburbs’s ATMs this past week or so. I studied the ATM and gave the card slot a bit of a biff with my hand to see if it was fake, but all seemed to be okay, apart from the million dollars it’ll cost the CBA to replace the ATM now (joke, joke!). Finally I got home to Janny and Pa pree watching Aunty, obviously to look good… I quickly took a white comforter and hit the sack before eight, as I was feeling very unwell.

By arrangement with Missus Inklesmysoftwarmpuppyfatalarmclock, she woke me just before Lateline, and I watched it with her and Pa pree. Radiant, but with hair looking just a bit like it had been starched with possum fat but unable nevertheless to detract from her natural beauty, Leigh Sales’ interview with Stephen Long, Aunty’s Economics Correspondent, was a treat, not only for the wisdom that Stephen has the ability to shine on things economic, even those as hopelessly compromised as G20 meetings, but also for the priceless variation on the concept of the smile he gives when signing off. I would tune in just for that, the rest is a welcome bonus.

The other interview I enjoyed by Leigh Sales was with Daniel Hannan, of the European Parliament and a sudden YouTube hit, who had some very pertinent things to say to Leigh, despite having an important portion of his brain held self hostage to redneckitis. Take ‘It's a very healthy thing if the voter goes direct to the source and looks at what the political parties are saying…’ in reference to the political internet options now available to Jack and Jill Punter, rather than depending upon some professional media commentator to serve it up to us. And I think he was very funny to say ‘…the Governor of the Bank of England… was actually dragged, blinking, like a kind of mole out of his hole, onto television to say publicly “Look, we can't afford this anymore.”’ So again Leigh’s program perked me up and gave me more to chew on as usual.

I took Pa pree home, then came back to find Missus Inklesastiredasallgetout dozing in her Ibis, but resisting my attempts to wake her and send her to beddy byes. Eventually she did, but Letterman had started by the time she did as I was prompting her to. I meanwhile had been using ‘her’ fantastic massager I picked up from The Good Guys today, and it felt wonderful on my bad left thigh and knee area, the one where almost a year ago I snapped my gluteus major or whatever it’s called muscle. I don’t know if Missus Inklethemassager’smine realises just how much she’ll be sharing this Homedics massager! It even has a heater option. I will check if it makes cocoa. Speaking of cocoa, it’s been a bit over a week, maybe two, since I started taking a daily Magnesium supplement tablet, half actually, on the Babies Ink&Peggletter’s advice, who in fact kindly gave us the bottle of Blackmore’s Bio Magnesium. The astute reader will have noticed that cocoa has nothing to do with that last sentence. Anyway, be that as it may, I think the reason The Babies gave it to us was for our brains, but I just noticed on the bottle it’s supposed to help with muscle cramps, so I had better hassle the missus to start swallowing some; she, that being Missus InklesIdonothingwithouttheokayofmydoctor, forgot to ask her quack this week when she saw him, so maybe next time.

Oh, yes, Letterman: It was pleasure to hear Michael J. Fox tell us about his recent doings, including his book ‘Always Looking Up’, and he has a wonderful sense of humour. I strongly got the impression that he was humbled by the rich applause he received as he walked on. I think he makes a superb ambassador for Parkinson’s Disease sufferers; I don’t know if he feels he has that role. And I am with him when he applauds Obama’s removal, recently, of certain U.S.A. embryonic stem cell research restrictions. I think Fox may well have meant exactly what he said about understanding and appreciating those with objections to the experimentation with embryonic stem cells; at first I thought, oh that’s easy to say as a throwaway line, but then I thought more about his immediate qualification to the effect ‘some people have political objections’ and so I pay him the benefit of the doubt, and he indeed may well appreciate those who protest on moral-ethical grounds. I am on Fox’s side, by the way, having given much thought to the matter for a long time. George W. Bush, history will show I believe, unnecessarily slowed up wonderful treatments with his fundamentalist religiously driven veto.

After coping with various health issues, I took off on a late late walk, minus mini boom box mp3 player with my favourite talking book loaded, coz it was too windy to listen easily. Now it might be my imagination, but my left thigh did not feel so sore after this walk, and I had tonight massaged it for the first time with the Homedics doohickey. I did a cowboy kitchen clean up on my return, and did some more diary writing and research on the poota. Hey, was conficker a non event? I hope so, but I havent’ heard; I just know my poota has apparently been unaffected.

Daylight eventually arrived, and I watered the lawn by hand in the back garden, as well as the bamboos. I slipped in beside the frilly knickered lizard about nine, knowing my season of rest in Mistress Nodette’s arms would be brief, given the driving I have to do for the little people later today…


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