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Thursday, April 9, 2009

FORREST PLACE: The ghost of John Hewson haunts Payton L. Inkletter, as he recalls the rally of ’92: “I was too timid to fightback, but I got the GiST”

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

09th April 2009:

Thursday: I slept for over eleven hours, with a couple of tinkle breaks, but felt nevertheless like death upon waking. In order to use some light outdoors, I dragged myself up about five, and eventually spent an hour outside watering and fertilizing before My Beloved followed by Kerry O’Brien’s The 7.30 Report. Talk about that thing on Kerry’s head, it was in rude good health tonight! Oh, before I continue, he announced at program’s end that my darling Ali Moore will be the anchor on Monday evening: YIPPEE! Sharon O'Neill’s report on the very inspiring aged care model of Dr Hans Becker, Chief Executive Officer of the Humanitas Foundation was a treat, and my hat is off to Dr Hans Becker for the work he is doing. Particularly the making available of 40% of the apartments for the less well off, and the access to half of the area to the public. Brilliant. And Clarke and Dawe were the treat they always are: Clarke as the Banker couldn’t process ‘customer’ – inspired by reality!

Yes I did watch Catalyst, and then returned outdoors under lights to keep watering, with more warm to hot days forecast till the end of Easter, before shooting back inside to try to renew my AVG antivirus for another two years, but I didn’t quite achieve it in the time I had before Q&A with Tony Jones. I like Dr John Hewson, and I wonder why? He wasn’t as likeable when he was a low down dirty common politician in his former life, but he’s much more likeable now. I recall in the early nineties attending his brain dead political rally in Forrest Place, Perth city; I say ‘brain dead’ not to particularly attach to him, just to the modus operandi of political rallies of which he was a part then as Opposition Leader, when he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Oh, and Aunty has been on the ball and given tonight’s episode a title already, ‘Agriculture, finance, and more…’, unlike last week, when all they could provide was ‘Another Episode’ on the night online, but I see now it’s been titled ‘Chinese Puzzles’.

I was still in front of The Box when the lovely Leigh Sales fronted Lateline, but my, didn’t she savage Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon in her interview with him, momentarily admittedly, when she interrupted him with a vengeance to let him know he wasn’t answering her question! I think if Leigh ever wanted something of me, I’d be better off delivering immediately, now that I’ve seen her in action! I reckon Joel would have needed counseling after that, even though he said “always a pleasure” when signing off; maybe he was too frightened to say “go easy on me next time Leigh won’t you?” Once again I recorded Ali Moore’s Lateline Business, so now I’ve two programs to watch soon; some would say it’s too much like news to do anything but watch it immediately, but they would not be factoring in the charm factor, and the dizzy spin it can put a bull koala bear like me into just watching and listening to her. I asked Missus Inkletter to give her blessing to my marrying Ali if she fell off the perch and Ali was interested, but she wouldn’t give the blessing! How mean… I could assist Ali on Lateline Business the way that Dennis Denuto interupted Lawrence Hammill during his legal submission to the High Court bench with the note ‘Drink of water?

I tackled the computer again, successfully doing two things with the mighty AVG antivirus program which has been guarding my poota for years: renewing for two years for sixty six bucks being an existing customer, and upgrading from AVG 7.5 to 8.something or other. Shit files are huge these days! The 8.thingy program was forty or fifty megs, and it was already on my poota from a test run with it last year, but the update it needed to install was about another forty megs! Shit a brick! Then for some reason, Adobe Reader decided after this that it would offer me a free upgrade on the already free version 6.thingy I’ve got, so it was a hundred plus megs and whammo I had version 7! Then lo and behold it immediately offered a free upgrade to version 9.thingy, and another hundred plus megs! Don’t ask me what that was all about, but now I’ve got the Adobe Reader version 9 on my poota. And of course, all these huge downloads means I’ll have almost finished my new month’s 2 measly gigs of FAST downloads with Optus, so I’ll be shortly throttled back to 64 kbs. Oh poo.

If I was hoping to escape the clutches of Missus InklesIcannaresistimanylonger I was clutching at straws: the rapacious reptile ravished me mercilessly until her lusts were more than fully satisfied, finally casting me off like a prize ram’s fleece destined for the Perth Royal Show. So I ran out of the boudoir before she decided that it was so magnificent she’d be demanding a repeat, and then, feeling finally safe, I took a couple of photos of Payton the Koala Bear to attach to a funny email to Gladys Hobson; this British gal is more fun than fifty young lasses.

Next I went for a very late walk, after struggling with health problems, on this beautiful full moon night. No doubt the vacant lot (JWs in a field) will have had their Nisan 14 earlier this evening. It was a warmish night, and a bit windy.

Back home I posted the email to Gladys, with the funny photo attached, and she replied pretty fast and one upped me brilliantly, so I ran up the white flag. Don’t ask me where all the time went, but hours went by till after dawn while I tapped away at the keyboard and attended to bits and pieces.

Another one of those profound mysteries ensued this morning, for hours disappeared into that great graveyard in the sky for clocks… I know I watered a bit in the back yard given the hot day forecast, and I broke down and had a super snack of almonds and dried fruit, plus a mananah (Baby Inkletter’s baby word for ‘banana’) and black tea, whitened of course with skim milk powder, this feast while watching the two recorded programs of Ali Moore’s Lateline Business from Wednesday and Thursday nights; this rendered me flushed and feeling young again, not due content, only due delivery…

Well, if anyone could present a compelling alternative case for not going down the Rudd Government’s path of its national broadband network plan, it might as well be Paul Broad, CEO of AAPT, who in his interview with Ali Moore put the fear of optic fibre into me. Notwithstanding his Alistair Darling wannabe eyebrows – which look like they could transmit at least at a hundred megabits back and forth between themselves – he gave good reasons for a much cheaper way of utilising the mixture of delivery mechanisms for broadband to all Australians. He has a good point with the existence of the market for speed into schools and hospitals and the like, but everywhere else? And his estimation of $200 a month for the average householder certainly put the fear of fibre to my node into me, although I remain unafraid, if wary, of his eyebrows.

Now on Thursday night wasn’t the voice of Barclay’s Capital’s New Yorker Larry Kantor a delight? Two distinct and pleasant voices, Ali’s titillating female dulcets Sydney’s end, Larry’s nasal nooyok tunes at the Big Apple’s end. Kantor seems quite confident based on his research that the economic activity bottom has been reached in Asia; I hope he’s right. The Bank of Queensland's CEO David Liddy was a confident fellow, who, like most everyone Ali Moore ever speaks to on The Box, clearly respects her. I note Liddy is probably as myopic as the vast majority of business owners-managers everywhere, from this quote: “And that's our role, that's my role and that's the role of the board: to enhance shareholder value.” He left it there; I wonder how he would react/respond to the enlarged concept that his role is to enhance stakeholder value? This includes all those who work in his bank to help create the profits.

Well, the loquacious lizard buttered my trotters for me and put me to bed a bit before one o’clock, and as I said, where’d the time go? I actually turned the poota off again to preserve bandwidth.


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