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Friday, June 25, 2010

MOTIHARI: Always Blair, informed by tramping it, he alerted us to doublethink, prolefeed, and newspeak, warning of Big Brother and the Thought Police.

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
25th June 2010

Friday: Today happens to be an anniversary of the happiest and profoundest day of my life. Nothing has eclipsed it yet. It also happens to be the third anniversary of the launch of my first Fool's Paradise web site.

Off I set on this frighteningly summery bright day in this dry month in the middle of winter, to Melville. If we don't get decent rains in the next three months, we will be facing yet another under average year. Tarnation skies, bring rain, and plenty of it! (Pretty please.)

I picked Mum up and we arrived at Dr House's practice a few minutes early, and he soon checked Mum's left lower eyelid, the one he operated on last week. The biopsy confirmed that it was a skin cancer, but it had all been excised; the healing was progressing well. So, good news. "I'll see you next year for a check up."

I took Mum straight over to Medicare in Garden City Shopping Centre, and then she treated the apple of her eye to a Miss Maud's sweet potato and pumpkin roll, washed down with a cloudy apple juice.

We shopped in a couple of places, got her prescriptions, and before I left her at her place I wrote a short note with paperwork for sister Helena, to mail for Mum.

Next I arrived in Adelaide Terrace in Perth city, and collected The Babies Ink&Peggletter's mail, fed their fish, and watered their plants. I finally got back home about 4 p.m.

We phoned The Babies in Thailand, six days into their 12 day holiday, but could only leave a text message.

It wasn't long before my plans to do a big kitchen clean up for Janny were sunk, for a phone call let us know we would have friends call by in 15 minutes. Meg and Murrah Deeler called in, as a boost to Meg's spirits, for she had had confirmed that she needs another very strong dose of chemotherapy, due to cancer reappearing in her neck; but only if her heart and lungs can cope, which is to be checked. She still looks very worn down by her long illness. She has been through hell this past two years. Murrah looked a little like the wild man from Borneo – like I always look – since he left work to care for Meg full time.

While the Deelers were here The Babies Ink&Peggletter returned our call, and we were able to wish Baby Inkletter a happy 26th birthday. Our one and only precious child is 26!

My day today had started at 8 a.m., after 8 or so hours sleep, yet as is usually the case when I start the day about the time normal people do, I can barely keep my eyes open come early evening. And so I asked Missus Inkletter to tuck me into bed, fully clothed (it is very cold! plus it affords me increased protection should the gorgeous devil take designs upon me while I slumber), for an hour's nap. She woke me from a deep sleep in time for the new Aussie comedy, :30 Seconds, and I barely could register it despite the nap.

Lateline was next, but I had to record it, and retire, being so weary it wasn't funny. (And so, here is my review gleaned from watching it next day:) The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Circumstances dictated that Ms Sales would not be in the Lateline chair on the day that Australia received its first female Prime Minister; instead, one Tony Jones had that honour yesterday. But I wonder has fate's fickle finger brought Ms Sales one step closer to being Australia's second red headed female Prime Minister one day?

You smile, incredulous reader, but such developments are well within the bounds of possibility. However, if it is to happen, Ms Sales not only would have to throw her hat one day into the political ring, she would have to force feed her inner mongrel, and that could be hard for some of her fans to handle. Her colleague Maxine McKew, whose tush used to warm the very seat she now occupies, decapitated no less than John Winston Howard, second longest reigning incumbent Prime Minister at the time, from his long held seat of Bennelong, and now is in her third year of representing the citizens of that seat. Concerning IMQs, take Kerry O'Brien, whose IMQ, inner mongrel quotient, I've assessed as 10 before today, while I've assessed Ms Sales' IMQ as 5, but I'm thinking now that I've been a bit harsh there: perhaps it is closer to 3. Paul Keating, former Prime Minister had an IMQ of around a 100, yet it didn't keep him in the highest office for long, so high IMQ scores might get you into Parliament, but they're no guarantee of keeping you there.

Now a little bit of self glorification for a moment: the night of Labor's election win back in 2007 I was most impressed with Julia Gillard's bearing and comments in response to the unfolding victory her party had one, late in the evening of the ABC's television electoral coverage (whose else could an Inkletter ever watch?), and was struck with her sincerity and humility, thinking that she would be a good candidate for Australia's first female Prime Minister one day. And then there is my comment 'My word, wouldn’t Gillard make a potentially excellent Prime Minister one day?' in my blog entry on 16th June 2009, titled enigmatically, as is my wont, 'STURT: “I’m pyneing for explorers to find an inland pea; political bean counters double crisscross,” says Payton L. Inkletter, wolfing into a dessert.' That opinion I expressed after watching Ms Sales do a Lateline interview with Deputy Prime Minister Gillard on that evening last year, no less.

Now let me confirm how superb Ms Sales can make simple attire look, by simply being inside it! All she wore (from the desk up: I dearly hope, and expect, she had something concealing her virtue below that plane!) was a shirt, charcoal grey, no jewellery around her neck, just her flawless white skin barely showing through the narrow unbuttoned sliver, and the most subtle effect make-up on her face, tiny earrings, and that fetching convex flared hairstyle that so flatters her face.

The combatants for the Friday night fight club were that old faithful, young Scott Morrison for the Opposition, and Chris Bowen for the Government, even younger. Both the bucks chose dark suits, and made their individuality contrasts tonight with their shirt and tie combinations, with Mr Morrison opting for an asparagus green striped tie fronting a self striped white shade shirt, Mr Bowen a palest of blue gingham effect patterned shirt behind a sapphire blue patterned tie. And as most always, they looked jaunty, holding the banner high for well dressed male parliamentarians.
More story coming…

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