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Thursday, June 17, 2010

GRENFELL: "I'll bet you a tenner that while Mrs Byers' silent billy boiled, he was composing 'One Hundred and Three'," PLInkletter told the loaded dog

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
17th June 2010

Thursday: I barely slept an hour, despite trying for several, but hey, what's new? I dragged myself up at the alarm's insistence, and got ready like lightning, taking a mere one hour and forty minutes – I know – to be in the Swift heading with trepidation into rush hour traffic, southwards, to arrive at Mum's in Melville about nine, on this cool cloudy occasionally drizzly day.

Poor old Mum was nervous, for I was taking her for surgery at the Eye Surgery Foundation in West Perth, to remove a suspected basal cell carcinoma from her left lower eyelid, against her tear duct.

We arrived ten minutes early, and before long she was being prepared by a nurse for the local anaesthetic operation to come. I was allowed to stay with Mum until she was about to be wheeled into the theatre; this suited both Mum and the nurse, for I was able to help fill in forms and answer medical questions and such like.

The nurse took my mobile number, and on her suggestion, I walked over into nearby Kings Park for an hour and a half. I enjoyed exploring the walking trails, going further than my last foray last month – which walkies on that Sunday was my first bush walking in this park in 25 years (it's odd how life works this way: something rare happens, and then within a blink of an eye it happens again – and the coincidence doesn't expire yet, for while today Mum was going under the knife while I was strolling the forest, back on that Sunday last month, Cadbury, the Celestial Kitty, was going under the knife at the Cat Haven, having her only pair of gonads removed forever) – yes, a longer walk this occasion, being surrounded by refreshing moist undergrowth and forest litter, seeing just a few hoomans, and the very occasional small birdlife. The only downside was entering the southern section which is still regrowing from the arson of a year or two ago; with almost no undergrowth, a burnt out forest too much resembles a desert; however, hats off to Australian ecology, because a slow but sure explosion of regrowth and new life unfolds after even the fiercest conflagration.

The mobble did ring, and the nurse let me know that Mum was being prepared for discharge; I let the nurse know that I would be half an hour, for my enthusiasm to explore, and the fact that I had taken a wrong turn in the wilderness, had conspired to make me run out of time. As it turned out, I got back, tired and perspiring, to find Mum had not been fully processed to be let go yet anyway.

Her eye looked much better than I had feared: nevertheless, there was an area of missing skin in the lower corner of her lower eyelid, and it would need careful attention for a couple of weeks to keep it from bleeding and infecting. What amazing things surgeons can do, using their microscopes to operate!

I delivered Mum back to her place in Melville, saw her in and settled, and made my way home. Missus Inkletter was surprised to see me back mid afternoon, expecting it would all take longer. She gave me a huge snack of savoury thingamajigs, and then put me to bed until My Beloved time.

Try as I might, I could not keep my eyes open for most of Voyage to the Planets: Pluto & Beyond, the final, and none of Simon Schama's final of The American Future: A History, so I'll hope to catch a repeat on Aunty one day.


Gladys said...

I hope your mum makes a full recovery and there are no repercussions.
My regards to the dear lady. Hearing so much about her, I feel that she is one of our own.
You're a good lad, Payton!

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: Thank you for your good wishes for my mother. I will see her in about 1l hours to take her for a GP visit, and I'll be keen to see her eyelid healing acceptably.

As for 'You're a good lad, Payton!': in the paraphrased words of Birmingham East's parliamentarian, Minister for Administrative Affairs Jim Hacker's associates, "I'm alright."

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