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Friday, October 1, 2010

WASHINGTON: "It's hardly rocket science," PLInkletter maintains, "more like a singalong: 'Oh give me space, lots of space, under starry skies above…'"

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
01st October 2010

Friday: Uber 'late' to bed (sunrise), so uber late up. And with a disturbance, an hour before my one p.m. rising, when Missus Inkletter came in to let me know she was taking our over the road neighbour Deelia, who's approaching her eighties, to the doctor, for she had become quite ill.

I also had the alabaster dragon phone Bob's people (my people got in touch with Bob's people) to see if he wanted to go to the city today, as I had not planned to see him this week, and Bob was keen, so when I surfaced it was a mad rush for me to get crank up and get ready and arrive at Guildford before three.

And so we spent three hours doing the things Bob enjoys in Perth CBD, which is changing at a rate of knots again these days, with so many new skyscrapers and other projects steaming ahead. They've even ripped up half of St Georges Terrace (I can't quite get over the missing apostrophe, while also on the same terrace is St George's Cathedral, where my parents married) out front of London Court! (Some historically formed typos are worth keeping, but some aren't, and I for one wish Perth City Council would rename it.) I was struck by how thin the road base is.

And so I was rather whacked when I got home about half seven, and by half eight, after din dins, Cadbury spent the next four hours on my lap as we watched news and docos on Aunty and SBS. That cat will be the best informed feline on current affairs and politics in Australia, before the year is out.

Lateline: The Missing (Leigh) Sales Graph, instead The Tick(y Fullerton) Check Mark: Ticky Fullerton anchored Lateline tonight in Leigh Sales' stead, who is gallivanting around the United States for a while, where she will doubtless rediscover that North America has an abundance of political pricks and dickheads just as does Australia. Speaking of political pricks and dickheads, Ms Fullerton's guests tonight for the Friday night fight club were Shadow Attorney-General George Brandis and, well, I could stop there.

I won't keep you in suspense for long as to the identity of the other politician, but first, a note on Ms Fullerton's appearance: she looked fantastic, and was a just-controlled fire, as the photo demonstrates:

Her bright red jacket only failed to ignite Ticky Fullerton's hair because it is so much shorter now
The other polly was Minister for Trade Craig Emerson. Both men were on-screen, and both looked superb.

Mr Brandis opting for a black and white theme (Freudian slip?), with even a bold striped tie in black and white upon his white shirt and surrounded by his dark suit jacket; Mr Emerson came close to imitating Mr Brandis, except that Mr Emerson's tie had a dash of fire in it also:

There's nothing quite like black and white in politics: Craig Emerson and George Brandis were predictably starstruck by their own side's performances
This interview highlighted to me the fact that practice makes perfect, for these two boys got stuck into each other with overtalking a few times while completely ignoring Ms Fullerton's attempts to pull them into line. Leigh Sales is getting so much practice at controlling unruly politicians that she would have pulled them into line more quickly and probably with good humour; Ms Fullerton's interlocutors over at Lateline Business are usually in a more docile frame of mind.

Some delights for me were the use of the term 'shirtfronted' by Ms Fullerton in reference to Peter Slipper's acceptance of the Deputy Speaker role, as well as her rhyme "despairing of pairing", in regard to the obstinance of Tony Abbott's stand on pairing with the Speaker.

Mr Brandis kept up the imbecilic Opposition line that Prime Minister Gillard broke a pre-election commitment to not introduce a carbon tax: George, like I advised Joe Hockey the other day, do your best to understand what a hung parliament means and the changes it forces upon the whole of the new Government's agenda, and when you've done that, stop insulting our intelligence with your side's stupid and disingenuous line. Had you formed government you would be in the identical predicament.

Mr Emerson is spot on with his early remark that Tony Abbott (and his cohorts) "…is still sulking as a result of the Australian people not electing him, he's obviously angry with that." I haven't an abundance of respect for any Opposition we've had for decades, however, the Coalition in opposition over the last three years have been the pits of bitterness, petulance at being turfed out, and smallness of many kinds. And that has been under three different leaders, which suggests the problem is deeper than their leaders.

Sadly, yet again, I have to award the interview to Mr Emerson in terms of mature behaviour and believable statements, but not by a country mile. I say 'sadly', because Australia would be far better served by a higher calibre Opposition, which also implies, of course, by a higher calibre Government.

Well done Ms Fullerton, being thrown back into the bear pit of Lateline and performing professionally.

Oh how nice it would have been to sweeten things up with a chat with Stephen Long; hurry back Mr Long!

I managed a slower than usual late walk, on this humid cool night, around four a.m. Some hoons appeared to be yelling out at me from the local shops carpark at one stage of the walk. I am pleasantly surprised at how little untoward behaviour I encounter in the dead of night around this patch of our suburb.

Very late, well, time is so blurred and smeared around my life these days, very early, till and after sunrise, I wrote more on 'After the Rain', exhausting myself but feeling strangely alive.


Gladys Hobson said...

'Strangely alive' sounds about right for those living in Fools Paradise!
I'm not surprised you don't get bothered by youths at that time in the morning. What are they doing there? Looking for vampires? Or finishing off a whole night's boozing?
You seem 'incredibly alive' to me — so much thought and observation, written in a most readable style.
Do these TV personalities and politicians look up F.P. to see what you have written about them? They should!

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: I think I am fortunate with the low close call count I've clocked up over the years walking between 1 and 4 a.m. around my suburb. I have had a few, though, and one in particular had a touch of humour in it, which I digested after the event: an unsavoury young fellow encountered me, and suggested I might like to "make a donation". I would be very surprised if he didn't have a knife under his outer clothing.

Last year just some half and one kilometres from here (in my walking beat) two separate knife point robberies occurred at night on the footpath.

I've had a car drive across the road to try and run me over, any amount of shouting, slowing down, stopping, etc. I've been asked for cigarettes, booze, where to get "some good stuff", all in the black of night with no-one else around.

I've been questioned by police many times, to the point where I'd just spout off the information I know they want before they get to ask, to punch into their dashboard computers. I wonder if I should have had my own cell, and done an Otis Campbell, from The Andy Griffith Show, locking myself in each week for the crime of regularly walking late at night.

Again you are kind to me with your review of my reviews of our local current affairs and politics programs. I don't know if any of these folk I critique have visited, with the exception of Jay Rosen and one or two others.

Gladys Hobson said...

I wish I got notification of when you answer my comments. Sorry to be late with this one.

Now I want to know what you did when faced with knife-carrying would-be felons. Do you stare them in the eye (in the dark?) produce your own weapon (sharp wit) or turn and run up a tree to join your koala friends? Or just run!

Me? I doubt I would scream — shock! Or would I? I would like to think I would be cool and confuse them with the right talk. Likely, I would just produce a pool on the ground!

(Just noticed the email button to click!)

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: Just to clarify: I haven't had a knife presented to me, thankfully, but others not far from our house have, last year, on my walking route. But I have little doubt that some of the folk I've encountered would have been carrying a knife.

So far, I have been able to do one of two things: talk, as you suggest, and bluff, by walking past with no hesitation, diffidence, and such. I suppose it's not the expected reaction, and throws them off a bit.

Gladys Hobson said...

Well, I don't expect they would carry a knife just to peel an apple - not even a Granny Smith. More likely peel Granny? I should hope not.
So you play it cool? I think I would try that. That is not to say I wouldn't leave a wet trail behind me!
Actually, I rarely go out in the dark even though only late afternoon — I can't see in the dark!

Mind you, they just might think you are a vampire. Carry spare long canine teeth with you?

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