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Friday, October 8, 2010

BEIJING: "Xia, please give Xiaobo a big hug from the rest of us who value liberal democracy," asks PLInkletter, "and keep hope alive for his release."

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
08th October 2010

Friday: To bed this 'morning' at about one this afternoon, and up at five; yes, another day night day blurring.

Before hitting the low thread count polycottons, I found Cadbury killing a dove she'd caught out the back door among the bamboo. I am aware of the irony of loving the natural world and owning a domestic cat that has still got outdoor freedom, and if and when it becomes feasible, I'll set up a large outdoor enclosure that will prevent such sad happenings. I cannot quantify how much joy this little Maine Coon has brought into my life since finding it abandoned early this year as a kitten. And my word the killer instincts of spoiled domestic cats are alive and well.

The delicate dormouse and I drove to Adelaide Terrace and began an evening with The Babies Ink&Peggletter. We got there about seven, and then went to Victoria Park to Chi Restaurant, where we treated them to a meal as a reward for Baby Inkletter getting through her recent ten week horror practical teaching stint, with the mentor teacher from hell.

It is our (we wrinklies) second time there, and we are very impressed with the standards, from the very nice Chinese food to the friendly and professional staff, topped off by the relative inexpensiveness of the cuisine and service.

After this we went for a walk along the Perth foreshore, before dessert and a board game back at The Babies' place. It wasn't till about midnight that we got home, with a fuel stop locally.

I settled in to watch recorded current affairs till almost four a.m., with killer Cadbury on my lap, bless her fat little heart.

Lateline: The Tick(y Fullerton) Check Mark: Ms Fullerton looked lovely in her simple long-sleeved coral red blouse, and subtle-effect makeup, her only jewellery small pearl earrings, her hair appealingly convex flaring and tucked behind her ears:

How nicely Ticky Fullerton sets off her coral red blouse!
She conducted a riveting long interview – 21 minutes no less! – about today's Murray Darling Basin Authority's announced plan, with Water Minister Tony Burke, splendid in his grey jacket white shirt and blue shades striped tie combo, Professor Mike Young, resplendent in a pastel-coloured combo grey jacket white shirt and yellow shaded tie, and Rob Black, who was the most colourfully attired, minus a jacket with a striped light shirt and zingy blue and red striped neck strangler.

Ms Fullerton was the ideal journalist to conduct this discussion, given her personal extensive knowledge of the water challenges facing the Australian nation. I was impressed with the civil contributions of each of the interlocutors, despite some very serious financial consequences for Mr Black's stakeholders, the valid environmental solicitude of Mr Young, and the political concerns of Mr Burke.

Mr Young's contributions stood out; he was a delight to listen to, with a very positive outlook and preparedness to pay praise where praise is due.

Well done all of you, and thank you Ms Fullerton for how tightly you kept your guests on subject.

I went for a walk about half four, and the eastern horizon was lightening on my return.

I spent many hours at the keyboard, with the sun heading to midday before I retired.


Gladys Hobson said...

A great fashion review as usual and the rest quite good too. Women interviewers are excellent over here too.

Now as regards this 'wrinkly' description of your good selves — LEAVE IT, INKLETTER! You are hardly out of the womb: long enough to lose the initial wrinkles but not long enough to gain your revered, well-earned wisdom creases.

Of course, living in semi-desert might dry your handsome bronzed skin, were it not covered with koala fur, but even Crocodile Dundee would not consider himself ripe for wrinkly status.

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: Wrinkly is in the skin of the beholder, to paraphrase that famous pith.

By the way, have you taken a good look at Crocodile Dundee lately, below his face lift line?

Gladys Hobson said...

Oh I dare say Croc Dundee may well have a skin like that of a well-cooked rice pudding, or a prune for that matter — tanned by the sun and weather — but he must be getting on quite a bit now. Your good selves are at the peak of perfection and the only wrinkles will be at the corner of your eyes through laughing at that ridiculous koala you harbour in fool's paradise!

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