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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UNITED STATES: "Another day another dollar…" laments PLInkletter, as he deals out another wad of dead presidents for his missus to dispose of promptly

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
06th July 2010

Tuesday: The big cold and dry continues…

Missus Inkletter got herself off to the doc's to learn that although she was feeling worse and coughing blood, "tis just a voirus me dear, and you've coughed so hard you've burst a blood vessel", and so this news perked her up enough to go on a mad op shopping and grocery shopping spree, throughout the proximal northern burbs, on her lonesome ownsome, and she had the grin of a Cheshire cat when she got back, waking me up in fact, for I had had a very bad night.

Now it is not in my make-up to deny my good wife her marital dues, so when she developed those bedroom eyes late afternoon, I wisely allowed her to ravish me relentlessly, finally flinging me off like an empty Lindt Blueberry Intense packet. This meant I only had time (no quickie will satisfy this lynx), before dark, to water the new lavender cuttings front and back. It's ridiculous to be watering them in the middle of winter, but it's as dry as a bone out there.

The weather men and women have been talking up a big front coming Thursday and carrying on for almost a week; they had better be right, or the farming community will storm the TV studios and sacrifice a few of them to the rain god, and I'll be providing cups of tea and Missus Inkletter bowls of soup.

I managed to collect suitable images from my Win Media Center recordings of Monday night's Aunty line-up, and get five of them uploaded to complement my posting of that day, showing how superb the ABC's presenters can all look, from Kerry O'Brien, Jonathan Holmes, and Tony Jones, to Leigh Sales and Ticky Fullerton. I did all this in the wee small hours, so why not take a look and see if you don't agree they all looked wonderful. The ABC is being very well represented sartorially by these professionals.

Oh how interesting it was to see the disagreements between the guests and host on First Tuesday Book Club tonight! Marieke Hardy, Jason Steger, and Wendy Harmer sided against the unashamed fans of 'One Day', by David Nichols, Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst and Jennifer Byrne. My wish is to have one of these programs every week; they'd have to speed read though…

And then it was Lateline: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Ms Sales looked first-class in her dark jacket and frilly neck lined khaki blouse, subtle effect make-up, tiny earrings her only jewellery, and lovely convex flaring hair style. She conducted a phone interview with East Timor's President Jose Ramos-Horta, concerning the Government's proposed regional asylum processing centre in his country, giving Mr Ramos-Horta a respectful and uninterrupted opportunity to answer her questions.

Next came on that Opposition stalwart, Shadow Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, to discuss this new proposal in-studio, and he looked the image of dapperness in his bistre suit, palest of pink shirt (if my eyes informed me correctly), and a smart dark blue on white striped tie.

Mr Morrison had an answer for everything, of course, but full marks to Ms Sales for keeping him on his toes and moving the interview fast. She politely kept up a barrage of significant questions and comments.

A gem from Mr Morrison came when he quoted former Treasurer Peter Costello: "it looks like it's another one of those policies that haven't lasted from lunchtime to Lateline"; not that there's yet any substance to this claim, but it sounds great.

Mr Morrison did say a true thing when he told Ms Sales "there are no decisions you take in this area of asylum seeker policy that are free of moral burden".

He used an effective expression when he said "What we don't wanna see is some sort of a magnet set up in the region", when referring to the possibility that a regional centre could attract asylum seekers who otherwise would not come. I don't know how likely that would be, but I pay him marks for an arresting description.

Ms Sales asked a highly pertinent question after the following remark: "Coalition politicians keep saying, "If you want to stop the boats, you have to change the government."

Scott Morrison: "That's right."

Leigh Sales: "Isn't that a slogan a little reminiscent of, "Interest rates will always be lower under a Coalition government," something that was proven to be hollow?"

Mr Morrison, of course, blabbed on about anything and everything rather than admit the bleeding obvious, which Ms Sales tried valiantly to get him to acknowledge.

We got some more humour from Mr Morrison, delivered with dryness: "It's about as likely as seeing a budget surplus from this government", and  "And with due deference to redheads, it was Kevin Rudd with red hair today"; and some wit: "They'll change their language, they will go out there and they'll wanna feel everybody's pain".

Thank you Ms Sales for bringing us an entertaining interview, teasing out the comedian under the surface of Scott Morrison.

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