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Monday, July 12, 2010

OSLO: "Propelled by an idea, almost rude, involving icecream for Bess, he helped bring about the world's best hogs as a spin off," said P.L.Inkletter

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
12th July 2010

Monday: I am suffering with that curse that I assume there must be many, or at least some, writers who struggle with, and that is not being able to switch my mind off to sleep after a long writing session. I retired 'last night' about six this morning, after hours working on my current short story, only to be up and down jotting down notes for it, and not succumbing to Mistress Noddette's charms till towards ten.

Up at one, to get ready like crazy (for me) to take Bob swimming, and nevertheless not getting to Guildford till after half three.

And so it was a weary boy who got back after eight this evening, on this cold and wet day. My spaghetti jar rain gauge in the backyard informs me that since the drought broke last Thursday we've had well over three inches – yippee!

After eating the vittles Missus Inkletter provided, I was struggling with sleep, but managed to watch the second part of the gut wrenching Four Corners program featuring the current Australian forces' valiant, and in my opinion, hopeless, efforts in Afghanistan, unless and until that population value and desire what they're being offered and fully throw themselves behind the Allied effort, as well as having the Islamic militant fundamentalists' safe haven in neighbouring Pakistan removed.

Meanwhile, Win Media Centre on the computer was not doing its usual Aunty recordings tonight, unbeknownst to me, due to reception difficulties (rain: we need a new digital antenna methinks), and this throws me now somewhat, for I've come to depend on it to catch up with so many programs.

I couldn’t manage to remain awake for much of Q&A, despite having Cadbury to cuddle on my lap, and it took Lateline to revive me. The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Ms Sales looked several million dollars, jacketed and with an excellently contrasting modesty panel. Specifically, her burgundy underbodice could not have been set off better by her Payne's grey jacket, she wore a single pearl on a delicate gold necklace, slung high, with matching tiny earrings, her make-up was subtle-effect, and her hairstyle was a dream, convex flaring to excellent effect on both sides of her face, with a most attractive change to her usual style by tucking the fall behind her right ear. Whoever thought of this, keep him on!

As mentioned, Ms Sales' hair on her right side was tucked behind her right ear during her anchoring, but it had slipped a little during the edited-in earlier-in-the-evening interview with Matthew Syed from London. No matter, it still looked really good, just not quite as good as 'before' and 'after'. ABC production staff: it's called 'continuity'.

Her long interview didn't interest me at first, for I succumbed at the outset to my prejudice that sportspeople usually don’t have a lot to say of compelling interest to me. How wrong I was. It quickly transpired that Ms Sales was presenting us with an extraordinarily interesting interview with former table tennis champion Matthew Syed, who I'd never heard of (and doubtless he's never heard of me!)

Some googling soon established some of the reasons this fellow had to be so articulate, convincing, and compelling even. However, I haven't described his attire yet: 

More story coming…

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