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Monday, October 19, 2009

PONTYPOOL: “You can be sparkling, even Eveready, alkaline, or lithium, even in an Urry, but your light will eventually go out,” mulls P.L. Inkletter.

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

19th October 2009:

Monday: After another all night writing and researching saga, I was not up till mid afternoon, and the house was quiet…

Most everything has a reason, and this quietness was not hard to explain: I am enjoying day three of life without the little people, who on Saturday morning embarked for a week long holiday in Busselton, they being The Dear Leader, Umple Dais, and Missus Inkletter; I cannot find the words to describe the bliss of absence, the sweetness of the solitude from small concerns, the lack of the sound of the pitter patter of silly feet.

I received, however, a phone call from the holidaying harasser, on the subject of an email of mine causing offence to one Baby, and said lolling layabout suggested I might explain further in another email; later overnight I did, but it should not have been necessary; many folk read with filters that block the communication’s clear intent and motivation. The katzenjammer has come about due to my cancelling of all routine activities away from here for the week the brats are away, to give me as few distractions and exhaustions as possible, that I may concentrate on some important paperwork, fire proofing preparation of the back yard, and writing, among other things. The week will fly by anyway, and so I don’t see what the fuss is about, and normal routine will return before all of us know it.

I managed an hour outside till dark doing weeding in the backyard, or should I call it brush or forest management? Tucker time coincided with My Beloved and The 7.30 Report, with a smartly turned out Kerry O’Brien: The More O’Kerry (O’Brien) Volume: a blue shirted and vividly predominantly red-striped tied Kezza, interviewed Ian Chainsaw Macfarlane first, then Penny I’m Always Wong second, on the negotiation procedures that have at long last begun between the Government and the Coalition; these were enjoyable interviews, and not only because Mr Macfarlane kept smiling about things for reasons best known to himself, and I even caught Ms Wong cracking a smile or two similarly – that’s an event, for she is generally a serious visage on screen.

Kezza the Great’s last story resonated with me: the slashing of prices received by Tasmanian dairy farmers from the Kirin subsidiary National Foods; I hope the outcome is not the loss or reduction of dairy farming there; the farmers can sell to any buyer they like, so long as it’s National Foods.

I caught Media Watch, and collapsed when I saw Jonathan Holmes in a jacket and tie; was it because he interviewed the big man, Mark Scott? Anyway, Jonathan, make it a habit please, you look so much better with a tie. (See what you think, but you'll have to remember what he looks like without one.)

I walked to The Dear Leader’s place and attended to the cat, the mail, and the garden, and once back I did some writing before Lateline: The Tick(y Fullerton) Check Mark: shining in her glowing orange-red top, her lovely hair flowing over her shoulders, Ms Fullerton took on a pair of pair of pollies to discuss the ETS developments, videlicet the amendments proposed by the Opposition, namely Deputy Leader of The Greens, Senator Christine Milne and the Opposition's Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Greg Hunt, both on-screen. Mr Hunt was smartly turned out, with a barber’s pole tie good enough to suck, and Ms Milne looked brilliant in a bright blue jacket with a black and white scarf.

Early in the interview, Mr Hunt anthropomorphised the four winds, stating that “All that the atmosphere knows is emissions reductions targets”, which was nicely caught by Ms Fullerton on the run, saying “What the Minister wants to know about is what this is all going to cost?”. Throughout the interview Mr Hunt had the solution to everything on behalf of his compadres on his side of the House, while Ms Milne, predictably, peddled the line that ‘We’ll all be rooned said Greensahan before the year is out’; having said this, it is refreshing to hear from her, for it’s usually old Bob who we hear from in these fora. Ironically Ms Milne used a term, ‘browning down’, as a criticism of the Government’s reductions in its goals for emissions: I refer tongue-in-cheek to her leader’s surname.

Ms Fullerton gave a gem of wisdom soon after with ‘Of course, pragmatism is the art of politics”, noting that Penny Wong and Ian Macfarlane have sat down to thrash out the amendments but a day after the Coalition’s party room hootenanny shindig.

My word Mr Hunt is another one of those people who rarely cracks a smile; I think he managed one, perhaps two, the entire interview, but you wouldn’t want to put your money on him in a smiling competition: what a serious face this fellow has, and his smiles are over as soon as they’ve burst forth with all the force of a falling marshmallow; he reminds me of myself during my high school years, when I was a most serious fellow while at school in the last years.

Ms Milne did put a very good point with her argument about the opportunity cost to Australia by not acting soon enough, and we’ll be buying back, unnecessarily, technology from overseas for sure that we could have developed ourselves. She went off with the fairies just a little bit after this, and then complained that we must get back to what the climate and science demands, rather than what the Government and the Coalition demand, to which Ms Fullerton masterfully rejoined that “The Government and the Coalition is the real game in town at the moment”, while throwing the next question to Mr Hunt.

Next the discussion was about good faith negotiations versus filibustering, which I don’t take any notice of coming out of the mouth of any politician whatever they commit to; this led to the possibility of a double dissolution, which Ms Fullerton suggested would suit The Greens, and I respect Ms Milne’s remark that no, “The Greens want this Government to run its full term’; so do I: I despise early elections, and the sooner all the States, Territories, and the Federal Government pass legislation to fix their terms the better, and they might as well be for at least five years, to reduce the waste of governing always for the short term, one eye on the next election just around the corner.

I think this interview was handled very well by Ms Fullerton, given the challenges of the issue and the ‘we have the best answers’ mentality of her interlocutors so ubiquitous in virtually all political engagements. But to be fair, both pollies did have some sensible points to make – thank heavens actually, or otherwise these gabfests would just be pure entertainment.

Yet again, on Lateline Business, Ali Moore demonstrated yet again that she consistently chooses the best combinations, make-up, styles, of all the ABC’s women of the night, looking simply magnificent, AS USUAL. The informality of Kathmandu CEO Peter Halkett, who she interviewed on-screen, compared to Ms Moore’s appearance was a good example of the power of dress.

I wrote and computed all the rest of the night, as well as sent an email to artist Charles Bragg senior, but had a break to watch Letterman, with his guest Tim McGraw – don’t you just want to tip his hat up so you can see his eyes and forehead when he’s talking? – who also sang with his band of about a thousand performers – did I count eight? – and also Uma Thurman, who, this night at least, was elegantly and relatively modestly attired in a dark dress, unlike many of the women who smear themselves all over Letterman’s set.


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