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Friday, October 9, 2009

EUSKIRCHEN: “The taste of success can be bittersweet; yet no sugar coating needs emplacement upon Fischer’s achievements,” reminds Payton L. Inkletter

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

09th October 2009:

Friday: It was daylight when I got to bed last ‘night’, having been writing and researching virtually all the black hours beyond the joint perpendiculars, so this helps explain the mid afternoon arising today. We had a treat to look forward to, that being dinner with the Chocsons at their home at The Vines, but various subterfuges had to be practiced as wisdom and pragmatism dictated, to pull it off as a couple rather than a trio.

Only by paring back completely on the extra things we planned to do on the journey – to value-add to the pricey-in-multifarious-ways fossil-fueled trip – did we manage to actually arrive dead on time, at six, just having seen the biggest kangaroo in Australia a few stone throws from Reeve and Chocci’s house; these lovely beasts are everywhere throughout The Vines estate, having been encouraged and catered for somewhat.

We had a typically wonderful evening, which started with a photo session of Payton the Koala Bear sitting on the Chocson’s lounge reading Gladys Hobson’s new U.S.A. edition of her book ‘Awakening Love’, the title of which is ‘Desire’, for our retarded Yank cousins. Their camera is vastly better than ours, and I will be asking Reeve to add a tad of Photoshop magic to at least one of the pictures eventually, to upload to my sites.

I said ‘wonderful’ evening, but I didn’t mention that it was shorter than usual, for Missus Inkletter became unwell, and we had to get her home quickly. It wasn’t a life threatening thing at all, more a comfort thing, and she went to bed fairly promptly, being none the worse for wear. On our drive back we saw that gentle soft furry monster Western Grey kangaroo again, still within a few hundred metres of the Chocson’s house, and I was very glad he didn’t hop out in front of us, for we would have hit him, or rather, he would have hit us.

The irritable iguana was well enough on our drive home for a very short discussion about a matter relating to mature marriage building behaviour, arising unnoticed by our gracious hosts behind the externals this evening between the two of us; it, like a million episodes before this one, was not dealt with in any way that could be described as skilful; and neither was it the following day; and neither will it be, I’d bet anything – and hope to be proven wrong; the same actions, and – especially in this case – inactions, have been long shown to produce the same results: funny that.

I did my usual again: researching, writing, and catching up with recorded documentaries or current affairs programs I have missed, till morning light was well and truly shedding. I managed at long last to finish part three of my latest posting titled ‘HELSINKI: “50-50…’ And one of those recordings I watched was tonight’s Lateline: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Ms Sales’ appearance was excellent, wearing a dark jacket with a high necked disorderly-patterned blouse that complemented the jacket nicely, her hair style that flattering loose and flaring style that opens up her glowing face so well, her make-up on the fair subtle side. She had a pair of pollies join her for an interview on the latest weird and wonderfuls of the long running Canberra comitragedy: The Liberals’ George Brandis and Labor’s Mark Arbib, focussing upon Coalition self-scrapping on the ETS, and the possibility of our economy being overheated by the Government stimulus spending, and a potential bill of rights; both men looked immaculate – why, when there are so many excellent examples of suitable dressing by men in public life, do so many women miss the mark so often?; I don’t believe a degree in rocket science is required: powerdressing for both men and women follows some rather simple principles, and pays dividends in politics, in business, in news-current affairs presentation; and these principles wreak no violence upon enhancing a woman’s beauty nor a man’s handsomeness, a woman’s femininity nor a man’s strength, cause no obliteration of the celebrated differences between male and female.

This interview was tight and kept moving well, business like, with Ms Sales in ideal control; the boys behaved with rather unusual decorum. My five cents’ worth: Brandis won the point on the non-necessity of passing the ETS legislation in November rather than a few weeks later, despite Arbib’s predictable argument for doing so. Brandis’ use of the line ‘and the reason they are doing that is as plain as day: to play politics with the issue’ was as hypocritical as they come, but he’s right.

Mr Brandis made a salient point when he noted, on the subject of the public criticism of Turnbull’s policies by some of his colleagues, that ‘this could only happen in the Liberal Party. In the Labor Party, if a Julian McGauran or Wilson Tuckey had criticised the direction of the party's policy, they'd be expelled within 24 hours. So this is the price we on my side of politics pay for having a party which does - which doesn't punish the free and open expression of opinion...’ Well put Mr Brandis. But he went backwards again later with another hypocritical ‘It's all about political posturing, and I really wish the Labor Party would stop playing the politics of this’; take your hand off it George, all your lot ever do is play politics, both sides are riddled with the practice; I think we’d all think we’d woken up in Alice’s Wonderland if tomorrow Australian politicians ceased forever to play politics. He progressed soon after, when he challenged Mr Arbib’s charge of filibustering, and reminded him of the concept of ‘proper parliamentary debate’; however, of course, just as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, the other side’s filibustering can be that side’s proper parliamentary debate.

Mr Arbib made the excellent distinction between a bill of rights and human rights, when Ms Sales brought this subject up, and Mr Brandis seconded the differentiation.

I think Ms Sales played devil’s advocate most acceptably toward both politicians in this interview, with honed critiques and questions to both all the way through. And let me complement both Mr Arbib and Mr Brandis for their manners towards each other and their moderator. And it was nice to hear Mr Brandis sign off with a farewell by name to both Ms Sales and Mr Arbib, a piece of social fragrance that Tony Abbott, to his credit, practices also.

I watched a bit of some recorded Q&A from both last week and last night, and because I’ll probably never find the time to return to these programs again here, let me make a couple of very brief observations: Waleed Aly demonstrated a sharp and clear mind with much of his sensible and moderate response to the issues as they arose on the fly during the ‘God, Sodomy, and the Lash’ program, and Todd Sampson’s ego tilted the entire desk sharply down to his end, on the program last night called ‘Hey Hey it’s Racism’, and that notwithstanding the heavy weight of Germaine Greer’s self impress on the other side of the fulcrum!

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