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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NEUSES: Alpha & beta, galvanometer, good Hans Berger opened our eyes with his alpha blockade; Payton L. Inkletter bemoans the evildoers’ beta blockade

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

21st July 2009:

Tuesday: I fell asleep soon after risking all by slipping into the dastardly delicious debutante’s rapacious arms, and slept for twelve hours solid, but with the usual result of still feeling most tired. My tinkle break at half five p.m. was a brief venture into the cold, before jumping back into bed and listening to my favourite talking book for over an hour, till My Beloved time. Pa pree was here, for the decidedly delirious daughter had kindly taken him shopping, and we ate vittles together watching the noos on Aunty.

I felt sorry for Ali Moore, anchoring The 7.30 Report with a croaky voice while Kerry O’Brien is off again seeking more face lift surgery. Ms Moore is the most elegantly and professionally dressing (more mature) babe on Aunty, and she proves it night after night after night; imagine what she could do if the ABC coughed up some wardrobe spondulicks! True to her strengths, she featured a couple of men with economic credentials to have a strictly polite and eminently professional discussion about the Reserve Bank’s assessment of the Australian economy, ANZ chief economist Saul Eslake and Chris Richardson from Access Economics. Ali has insufficient inner mongrel quotient to maul the bastards like Kezza the Great does. And neither do we sensitive new age bull koalas want her to aquire a high IMQ either. Oh, of course I’m not referring to Messrs Eslake and Richardson as bastards; mostly these are the politicians.

I wanted to take poor Ali and give her a hot bath, powder her bottom, put her into some fleecy jammies, and tuck her up into a warm bed, with a mug of lemon and honey, and a pinch of iodised salt. And book her in for a visit to her doctor tomorrow – under threat of a gentle medicinal smack to the bottom if she doesn’t cooperate – to check out what might be a goitre in her throat, poor darling. I might have the same thing; I must get my doctor to check it next time I go. Maybe her sore throat caused the slight bulge at her sternal notch, but maybe it’s something more sinister.

More story coming…


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