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Monday, March 23, 2009

MALAGA: Ink pink does Canon stink? Well, that’s a moot point, isn’t it? ponders Payton L. Inkletter, as he buys printer cartridge refills at half cost

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

23rd March 2009:

Monday: Missus InkleI’malarming woke me at midday, by arrangement, and I set about waking up, while doing a kitchen clean up. It had rained a helpful bit while I slept, the chalcedony chameleon informed me, so that saved me feeling an imperative to water my bamboo before leaving for Bob’s.

I called in at Cartridge World in Malaga first and exchanged my Canon Pixma ip4200 yellow and magenta ink cartridges, which will bring my printer back to well juiced up status. Canon seems to have ensured that it doesn’t like to cooperate to print in monochrome if any of the colour tanks are low, empty, or missing; funny that. Bob was happy to be going swimming again so soon, and we arrived shortly at a moderately busy Swan Aquatic, where he got down pretty quickly to the serious business of duck diving endlessly during his walking laps.

I struggled along to keep editing long hand on my minuscule font print out of Venty Still while he splashed and flapped, and I badly need to print the story so far again, in bigger font, with my very busy scrawls so far incorporated, for it is getting close to impossible to follow what my edits are saying. We finished off at Fish Market Reserve for a cup of tea and a walk along the river bank to the Pipe Bridge. As on Friday, Bob was more talkative than usual, and that’s really saying something.

On my way home I called into the local pharmacy to do a photocopy of the traffic infringement notice that an overwhelmed Pa pree had received on my behalf – which I’ll post back tomorrow – and I put in my scripts, also to pick up tomorrow. Again I caught a whiff of less than high level friendliness from the new pharmacist, or if he’s not exactly new, then I’ve not seen him before last Friday. Maybe I’ll win him over in time, with my unforced charm, charisma, and eucalyptine wit…

Missus InkleIsewedformyselftoday – thereforeI’maselfishbitch was happy to see me, and she let me collapse into my Player recliner to catch the last third of The 7.30 Report, and the part I caught had Kerry O’Brien interviewing Queensland Premier Anna Bligh ‘Brat’ after her election win on Saturday. She looked like she was advertising toothpaste, for the acreage of teeth she was showing was extraordinary, while Kezza looked like he’d borrowed that thing on Donald Trump’s head, to borrow from Letterman. A point she made I’d like to add to: she said “…it's up to us now to prove ourselves worthy of their (the voters’) consideration next time”; but more to the point Annabrat, worthy of their trust THIS time. The next and final story of Heather Ewart was about the preliminary work the Royal Commissioners headed by former Supreme Court judge Bernard Teague into the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires having commenced, being community consultations. My five cents’ worth for now is that none of it is rocket science: people living among and downwind of dry fuel and lots of it, heat, and wind, must have fireproof bunkers to retreat into, and they must be below ground level. Also, fuel loads must be prevented from building up to dangerous levels, as has been essentially the practice of the Western Australian authorities since the major Dwellingup Fire in the early sixties; for which fires my parents opened up their service station 12 miles away for a 24 hour base for the weeks of firefighting that were needed.

I ate my vittles watching part two of Australian Story’s feature ‘A Bitter End’, and it’s all a typically human highly encumbered mess. It is not yet being done a favour if someone asks you to assist their death as euthanasia! This is not to say I know whether Graeme Wylie did ask, or if he did, if he was competent to make the decision. But his death led to a lot of trouble for Caren Jenning and Shirley Justins, with a cancer diseased Jenning later suiciding/‘self’-euthanasing rather than endure a possible penalty from her involvement with Wylie’s death. Yes the altered will shortly before Wylie’s death to the greater favour of Justins muddies the waters, but then she was his partner for the last 18 years of his life. Oh what a tangled web…

Sarah Ferguson’s report on Four Corners about Marcus Einfeld’s fall from grace is a human condition story if ever there was one. ‘The Dishonouring of Marcus Einfeld’ shows what mixtures our lives can, and usually do, sustain. Here’s a man who has caused much good for others to be brought about, but whose probable over self importance late in life caused his downfall. I don’t agree that this unfortunate episode late in his life takes away from the fact that he did a lot of honourable things for the less fortunate. I forgive him, and it’s up to him how and if he sublimates the downfall.

I left The Box, returning for Lateline, and how was that for a sad story, the high incidence of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome cases among the newborns of Halls Creek, let alone all the other degrading effects upon the drinkers and their families. Suzanne Smith’s report, the first of two, was as good an exposé on the destruction to people’s humanity that misuse of alcohol can cause as you’ll find. Tony Jones followed this report up with an interview with Bradley Woods, W.A.’s CEO of the Australian Hotels Association and Robyn Long, Halls Creek Hospital’s Support Services Manager. Now not to criticise unfairly Robyn Long, but she clearly does not have the grasp of the bigger picture, nor the education, to front this kind of interview. The poor lady is in the thick of it, as is Dr David Shepherd of Halls Creek Hospital, who I wouldn’t swap with in a million years, patching up what misused alcohol has smashed up day in and day out, and so she is understandably against alcohol and what it’s doing to the aboriginal inheritance peoples there. She was, however, repeatedly utterly simplistic in her criticisms and proffered blame, directed for the moment towards Bradley Woods. She needs to understand just what drinking rights for all of-age Australian citizens means, as well as the fact that alcoholics in this country have to voluntarily accept treatment. Her black and white (not completely just a pun) analysis of the problem fails just about every test of reason.

As always, it’s a thrill, yes a thrill, to have Ali Moore brighten up the screen on Lateline Business. Who would ever have thought the dry dull clinical mathematical subject of business could be so alluring? Well watch Ali Moore, and think again… What about that Charlie Aitken, Executive Director at Southern Cross Equities! Does he look like he’s having a damn good time at work every day! Like it’s not work, but play; his face is a study in barely concealed joyful mischief.

Letterman’s guests were: David Spade, who perhaps surprisingly, I don’t know much about, but I did find his self deprecating stories funny, especially about how his mother puts him in his place, and the anecdote about Christmas at his mother’s neighbour’s place, a single man of dubious gender preference was a gem; and Richard Zoglin, whose book chronicling the history of stand up comedians of the seventies, Comedy at the Edge, apparently includes young Dave himself.

I did some writing and a scheduled posting headline for Richard Dawkins’ birthday coming up, then went for a very late walk on this lovely damp still night. Despite battling to stay awake early in the evening, I got my second wind, and it wasn’t till about half five I finally got into bed beside the Celtic Crocodile.


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