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Monday, March 30, 2009

ELCHO ISLAND: “Well may you hypnotise chooks, but nothing can make them dance!” a generally ungovernable Payton L. Inkletter tells a sceptical Yolngu

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

30th March 2009:

Monday: Uppulah in German! We staggered up at nine, and got ready for the trip to Sterling Radiography over in Balcatta. We shot around to Pa pree’s, to find him walking our way, but he asked to be left at our place due to a most upset digestive system that had kept him up much of the night. Echoes of what made the last back injection for Janny fail two and a half years ago – diarrhoea and vomiting soon after the injection, for two days, causing it to fail; the last thing she needed was to run any risk of catching a gastrointestinal complaint.

We got to the radiology clinic 15 minutes ahead of the appointed time, and, with the assistance of a valium tablet 45 minutes ago, and rescue remedy several times since last night, Missus InkleI’msickandtiredofmybadback had a facet joint injection in her lower back, the first of three recommended weekly as it turns out. She expected it to be another nerve sleeve root injection like the previous four or five she’s had over the years, but her doctor had in fact not referred that this time to our surprise. So it was quicker and less painful for her, but she’s not sure it’s going to attack the real pain she’s suffering from. The next few days will make it clearer, as also a follow up appointment with Dr Hoffman. Cyril and the Sterling Radiology’s administering doctor, were superb and compassionate as always.

We went home via the Girrawheen shops to get some Imodium for Pa pree, and put Janny to bed about half twelve. She slept, apparently, till about three. I meanwhile had, after cleaning up the kitchen, left for Bob’s, given that Pa pree was here to attend to Janny.

I got to Bob’s before two on this mild to warm late March early autumn day, and he was surprised to see me ‘early’, and in fact hadn’t finished shaving. We drove to a quiet, to start with, Swan Aquatic, where Bob pranced around in the water like a water boatman. I did not plan to spend much time editing and adding to my old printout of Venty Still, but it’s what I did for most of the couple of hours there, getting sucked into my own story, as well as doing some careful Venties’ population increase calculations over twenty five years from 2013 to 2018.

We finished with a cup of tea and walk at Fish Market Reserve after a drive. Now that daylight saving is over it was very dim by the time I left Bob’s towards a quarter to seven. Janny was resting in the lounge with Pa pree when I got home, and I watched most of My Beloved with them, and then Kerry O’Brien’s The 7.30 Report. He interviewed the wonderful Bill Nighy, and at last Kezza appeared to have that thing on his head looking tamed and sedated.

I ate my delicious scotch broth vittles and cheese scones during tonight’s offering on Australian Story, ‘Judging Nick D'Arcy’. Janny said she perceived a dishonesty in D’Arcy’s story about the moments leading up to his elbowing Simon Cowley. I think it would have been good for Cowley to give his version of those moments also. Anyway, disqualification from the Olympics should not have been in any doubt, and it was the right decision. It thus sends a strong message to all of the serious consequences for personal ambitions of such behaviour.

The next two and half hours were spent watching the ‘two hour’ Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala on Ten, thus necessitating my recording of Four Corners and Lateline’s Standard and Business for later viewing. Some of the comedians were very good, some average, some crude but very funny, some just crude. However, my vote for the night goes to the Chooky Dancers, for they were very funny, and there is nothing better than any group or individual sending itself up, the more particularly when there is a history of preciousness, which point arrived long ago for the Aboriginal representatives of our country. Of course they simply joined millions of other groups and individuals of every colour and kind to this day who take themselves way too seriously. I returned Pa pree about eleven, and did a quick bit of tweaking of his computer’s antivirus program.

Janny and I caught a bit of an Aunty repeat about gay Muslims, which was rather sad, no, very sad for them, during the ads and after Letterman, which was a repeat. However, I had not seen the musical act with Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt which was good, nor the interview with the interesting oddball Demetri Martin. Now I want to give Channel Ten an apology, for I think I might be owing them one: many times I have sprayed them in this blog for screening repeats of Letterman without the TV guide informing us that they were to be repeats, and I have also assumed that for some budgetary reason we mugs here cop the repeat, while a current show is aired elsewhere. Well, it takes me a long time, but maybe I’ve got it this time: I notice on the ‘Upcoming Guests on the Late Show’ site at http://www.nt2099.com that the repeat I have just spoken of is put down there for Friday 27th March, and normally we get these Friday shows three days later on Monday, which is fine by me, but it was on many weeks back I happen to know, because I watched the start of it at the time. So it appears Channel Ten is broadcasting just what CBS is broadcasting each week. A million apologies Channel Ten, and I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me my outbursts; slipping in a (Rpt) into the TV guides would be nice though…

I did some writing of this diary, struggled a bit with health problems, and finally hit the sack, deciding not to go for a late walk, in order to be close by in the house in case Janny needed me after her back injection today. So I softly slithered in beside the battered bobtail about three o’clock.


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