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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SANTIAGO: But polysyndetonically speaking either 84 marlins and numberless sharks or many pelicans and several dolphins in theory could tow an iceberg

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:
'In other news…'
04th May 2010

Tuesday: Missus Inkletter and I enjoyed, as we always do, Aunty's First Tuesday Book Club; it is always the more interesting when the guest reviewers differ about a book, as there was a bit of tonight.

Lateline: The (Leigh) Sales Graph: Ms Sales interviewed
Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, he resplendent in a dark suit white shirt combination, set off with a bold burgundy striped tie, his 19 strands of hair immaculately coiffed as usual, each one named, while she complementarily resplendent in a teal chiffon blouse and skin toned camisole, attractively flared loose falling hair, and tiny earrings being the total jewellery accompaniment. Two things were not quite perfect with Ms Sales' appearance however: skin toned cloth in the lower chest area is a no-no in my humble opinion for women in serious roles such as Lateline anchoring – both Whitney Fitzsimmons and Ali Moore seem to understand this rule very well, almost always utilising excellent contrasts to both skin and outer garments in the cleavage area; eyeliner and mascara that is too dark – some faces get away with it better than others: Ms Sales looks better when she adorns her lovely eyes with the most faint and pastel shades, including the eyeline. Her eye shadow was a nice light shade matching her blouse, but she could have done with a lighter eyeline.

Now for a tad on the interview: Lindsay Tanner is great to listen to when he's on his own: a straight talker, eloquent, sensible, down to earth. Nevertheless, he's still a political beast, and that instinct is always there, painting his party as God's gift to the nation somewhat.

Ms Sales did a good job of tackling Mr Tanner on Kevin Rudd's hyperbole and the toll it takes upon political credibility, and of course he ducked and weaved, most articulately, and proved himself a PR asset to his party, even though bullshit is still bullshit, even when buried beneath a rose bush.

I enjoyed Mr Tanner's description of Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey: "They're just giant bags of wind." While giving them a bit of a run for their money!

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