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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CAMBRIDGE: A pure unmirrored pattern, and of prime hardyness, a sanguine P.L. Inkletter reflects on the stumping of an extremely kind-hearted bachelor

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

01st December 2009:

Tuesday: What a memorable day for challenging reasons: Baby Inkletter woke me with a knock on the window, and shortly was informing me Janny and The Dear Leader had had an accident down at Turana: no-one seriously hurt (an extremely close shave for Janny and a shopper though), and several cars damaged.

She drove me down there, and it was all over, The Dear Leader taken by ambulance to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital for seven hour’s observation, being shocked and bumped and with a small but bloody cut on his elbow. Janny was quite shocked by it all herself: her unlicenced father had, upon his own initiative, decided to move the car in the Turana shopping centre’s carpark out of a tight spot caused by a neighbouring car having parked too close for Janny to be able to enter the driver’s side. Within about three seconds he had stoved in the entire driver’s side of the Suzuki, the rear and side of a parked car behind, and this car bumped into another parked car.

We now are without transport (a different kettle of fish in Australia to most of the densely populated Western nations), and possibly without insurance cover due to the licence status, with the subsequent possibility of The Dear Leader (sparrow-poor like us) being sued for damages. Life’s interest level has just ratcheted up several notches, with less time being available to do the things I enjoy, such as write for my blogs.



Gladys Hobson said...

Shocking, shocking, shocking!
Well, well. So in Australia you have to have a licence to be a dad?
An accident? Well, what do you expect, mate. An unlicensed father can be quick to please and regret at leisure.
My heart goes out to dear old Payton and Janny. Yes, and the old gent too. Poor soul, what a calamity! No transport too.
Wish I could help.

Payton L. Inkletter said...

Gladys: Yes, we've advanced sufficiently in Australia to mandate fatherhood for licenced blokes only (the testing procedure is scandalous), but we're a bit laid back when it comes to driving cars.

Good friends (Reeve and Chocci Chocson) loaned us a ute (non-Australians can only wonder what that is) in order that we could keep a longstanding commitment to attend the opening of a singular public artwork of the highly talented Duncan Moon 250 Km south in Balingup, last weekend, but things are back to being a bit unwheeled at the moment; to have huge skin flaps like bats do would be useful I must admit, for we could just climb up onto the roof and run for some takeoff momentum, then fly to here and there locally; we'd be a tad limited with payload, and it would have to be strapped clear of our beating arms: at such times a pouch would be useful - and before anyone reckons I have a pouch, I am a red blooded BULL koala remember!; I suppose Missus Inkletter could put all our shopping in her pouch though.

Thank you for your concern.

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