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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MILAN: “Mr Prime Minister, you would have to be living proof that style over substance never hurt anyone, would you agree?” Payton L. Inkletter asked.

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

29th September 2009:

Tuesday: Another of those days for me in which to name a starting time is arbitrary: despite getting half the sleep I needed the previous day, I worked all the previous night and till noon this day, having been bitten by a bug to transform my original Fool’s Paradise – Infinity on a Shoestring main website from a narrow template of 700 pixels width to a decent 1240 pixels, suitable for filling a 1280 pixel width screen resolution. It’s still only a two column page unfortunately, but that’s all the luddites still offer at Blogspot.

It was a terribly time intensive job, from the creation of a new header image to the tweaking of a million parts of the HTML, to the grindingly slow moving of fifty perhaps more widgets around the template. I threw the towel in exhausted, but with a look I’m far happier with than the pathetic standard templates Blogger still offer, even though I didn’t get anywhere near the lower portion of my page; another day… what I got done took maybe ten solid hours scattered through eighteen hours. Who would like to make a template design tool that’s as simple as moving elements around the page, with every measurement flexible; as simple as stretching heights and widths, creating new columns, you name it, and the code gets written underneath it in real time?

I did enjoy the gentle rain during the morning on this cold day, on the bamboo leaves out the window; I even ducked outside at dawn to photograph the sun shining on Richard’s cotton palms, against a black clouded sky.

The tantalising tiger woke me just before My Beloved, during which I ate my vittles, and Kezza the Great kept me informed, before I caught the last half of Insight on SBS. I was going to move, but I was as weary as they come, and the next program on SBS caught my interest: Michael Portillo’s The Truth about Violence : a compelling study of the violence tendency in human beings. The doting dove and I stayed on to watch Artscape on Aunty, and my how those twin Leswegian sisters were alike physically, with their lovely carrot top hair!

Well you’d have guessed it, next it was Lateline: The SilverToes (Tony Jones) Assay: The anchors of the various current affairs programs at Aunty regularly find themselves interviewing slime, and it’s not always represented by politicians; when it’s not a polly, it’s often a lifeform from the bottom of the business pond.

Tonight a spruce Mr Jones had an on-screen interview with CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organisation, Jim Greenwood, to discuss the gene patenting debate. I have long been disgusted at the practice, undoubtedly involving lawyers at every level, of patenting genes and naturally occurring chemicals, and a persistent Tony Jones unsuccessfully tried to get Mr Greenwood to address the absurdity of the concept, but he did provide the opportunity, taken up with the archetypical transparency of the ethically corrupt, for Mr Greenwood to strongly demonstrate that he is all for gold before honour. It all smacked so much of the drivel the tobacco company execs spouted over recent decades in front of enquiries and courts.

It was only when the following in-studio interview with Dr Luigi Palombi, from the Centre for Governance of Knowledge and Development, that some sense and honour was demonstrated. Yes, investment has to be attracted to bio-technology, but it cannot be based on the lie represented by patenting natural occurring information and substances. Thank you Mr Jones for shining some light into the depths of the business pond with your interview of Mr Greenwood, and allowing the inner light of decency and intelligence to shine with your interview with Dr Palombi.

Lateline Business revealed a glowing Ticky Fullerton, in an attractive shade of shiny red top, with her beautiful hair effectively sitting on her shoulders. She was the antidote to that earlier Greenwood character.

Letterman had a couple of changes tonight: Paul Shaffer was away, so his band decided to play, hitting the soft drink cans while playing, pulling ring things noisily and such, and Alan Kalter was also away, and for the first time in a long time I actually clearly heard the show’s introduction narrative above the theme music before Dave’s monologue: I don’t recall the woman’s name, but she is famous methinks, and she was easy to hear meknows. Dr Oz was one of Letterman’s guests, and interestingly he struggled to get Dave to roll with the laughs.

I did some writing and got into a typical struggle for an hour with a grindingly slow computer, paralysed as per often of late when I run Firefox. I did something radical: went to bed early about three, but I barely slept at all, listening eventually instead to my favourite talking book for hours till giving up and getting up at half eight next morning.


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