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Thursday, August 13, 2009

SHEFFIELD: “Harry Brearley’d be rusting in his grave if he knew what passes as stainless steel these days!” moans P.L. Inkletter scouring the cutlery.

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

13th August 2009:

Thursday: Woah! Beware Reeve Chocson’s herbal blaster hooch juice! I went to bed last ‘night’ (about midday) quite ill, and that was just from three ‘shots’ as prescribed. I decided I will self prescribe a one third dose, that is, one shot a day, till my system can handle it. In my hard drinking days (so many decades ago now it’s not funny) I can not recall any spirits – even in ridiculous quantities –from a bottle ever causing me so much trouble…

I arose not long before the Babies Ink&Peggletter came for din dins, having slept poorly, but with some restored optimism that I might live a bit longer yet. We had a very nice evening, joined by The Dear Supreme Leader, and my report to the kidlings that I was doing a cold turkey on coffee and tea made an impression upon them, knowing as they do how I single-handedly have been keeping the black Indian tea market afloat through the Global Financial Crisis, and this moved Baby Inkletter to ask for a shot of Reeve Chocson’s killer juice (courageous girl).

We played two board games: Quoridor and Blokus, and my what fun they both are. The moreish missus and I really like these two games, perhaps the former the most, but they’re very stimulating to the old neurons. When The Babies left, taking with them The Dear Leader, I caught the last half of Lateline: The (Leigh) sales graph: I said ‘last half’, but I downloaded the podcast of Ms Sales’ interview with Greens Leader Bob Brown and National Party Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce and watched it all later.

Firstly, Ms Sales looked spectacular, in her dark blue striped jacket with spot-on green modesty panel, as well as superb hair and minimal appearance make up, in fact every bit the class professionally of the appearance of the roosters she interviewed, albeit the older one could be caponised. Now to the interview on today’s vote against the Government's emissions trading scheme: I must say I wish these two were present in the studio with Ms Sales, and across the table from each other, not beside each as is the usual arrangement. It was entertaining thanks to Federal Parliament’s stand up comedian, Barnaby Joyce, who was typically speaking like a rooster with a belly full of tequila soaked worms. He gave some classic lines: ‘…the metaphor of whether you want to amputate both your legs or amputate three of your fingers. Now I'd prefer to amputate three of my fingers than both my legs…’; ‘The only benefactors will be the brokers, the bankers, and the bureaucrats, who on the commission on the way through will make an absolute creaming, buy themselves a new BMW out of the money from your wallet, Leigh’; (my favourite tonight:) ‘…Bob Brown talk about these tens of thousands of green jobs. All the mine workers and abattoir workers and farmers, all with their little aprons on lined up at the Manic Monkey Cafe ready to sell cafe lattes to the passing crowds. I don't think so, Leigh.’; (my second favourite quote:) ‘Well I'll have to light a little candle in front of a picture of Bob tonight. I used to pray to the dear Lord but I should have been praying to Bob, because obviously he can fix the drought.’. Leigh, have Barnaby Joyce on every night please!

I am a tad uncomfortable admitting that, on the issue of our economic response to global warming I am closer in opinion to the likes of Barnaby Joyce and his cronies than Labor and The Greens, and I’ve been into it a spot here before. The subject of global warming appears immensely more complex than the Labor legislation is addressing, and that’s before the legitimate matter of how to economically manage the changes that will be needed are touched. But still, I have nightmares wherein I find myself agreeing with parts of the verbal spew of that quirk of nature Wilson Tuckey and such. The old Brownie was his typically political speak self, correctness and all, making out that only The Greens are to be the world’s saviours; I think they are part of the solution, but vastly too extreme to be the whole solution.

Anyway, thank you Ms Sales for that interview, it’s now in my archive of political treasures.

Given the early start tomorrow, I tried to get to bed about half one, but it was a fraught plan…


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