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Monday, June 1, 2009

DETROIT: “In general, motors are indispensable to our quality of life, but beware when the innovatively bankrupt rule the helm,” warns P. L. Inkletter

Be all that as it may, meanwhile:

In other news…

01st June 2009:

Monday: Oooh so tired, I got up for a tinkle break, and planned to quickly plummet back into the depths of Madame Nodette’s embrace, but my mind had other plans didn’t it… And they were? Venty Still. My thoughts began racing with plot and specifics, and I had to get back up at two (after noon!), for sleep was impossible. The story, which I began with a flourish back in August-September last year at the prompting by my daughter Baby Inkletter aka Say H. Inkletter, has been simmering for months, until a couple of months back when I wrote and rewrote much more of the first 10 thousand words. Now I’m planning a radical rearrangement and rewrite, and this is good – it’s getting me by the throat and won’t let me go. This new zest for writing it has essentially been whipped up by my visit to the old Universal Brotherhood farm last week to deliver my little green bag there for a badly needed bit of rest and recreation, and there she still luxuriates (working her butt off in the Homestead kitchen though, I’d wager my left testicle). I am planning to set at least part of the novel on the property, in 2038 or thereabouts.

So I stayed up, and started with some computer jobs, before taking photos of the house to include with a possible application for the solar panel rebate I talked about here the last week. Then, on this effing arse roasting day of 26 Celsius on this first effing day of winter! I spent the last hour fannying about with watering, yes watering, worm farm work, and sorting recyclables till dark. Western Australian Foundation Day it is by the way, a mere 180 years ago today, when the Swan River Colony was founded. I am privileged to be born, approximately a millennium ago, in this blessed corner of the world, no less than the greatest part of planet earth, and if you don’t agree, please step outside… Oh, and don’t be too fussy with the maths suggested by some of the figures I just bandied about…

I showered after some health issues, then took vittles to Pa pree, and did a couple of things to tweak his poota, returning in time for My Beloved. I ate my tuck tuck glued to The Box, for Kerry the Great was on next, on The 7.30 Report, and I was almost transfixed during his interview with counter insurgency expert David Kilcullen by two things, firstly, the utterly arresting winter pelt of that thing on Kerry’s head, which has never looked more vibrant – nor, I suggest, more at risk of capture by fur hunters – and secondly, on a serious note, the pragmatic hard hitting analysis of the former Australian soldier Kilcullen. He reinforced and expanded my concerns regarding Pakistan, spoken of here repeatedly, and of course he has street cred to back it all up; myself, I just have considered opinions gleaned from a general purview of the state of the world. I hope the U.S.A. administration take him most seriously, as well as our Government, and our allies. Pakistan is on the brink of falling totally under the control of religious fanatics, and the saner portion of that nation needs assistance, as well as the whip, to wrest control and set itself on the path of maturation, on the path to becoming part of the global solution, not the problem.

I was interested in Australian Story’s feature, ‘Back to Earth’, and the work of Dr Maarten Stapper, but I was so tired I kept falling asleep. I will have to download the program from the website and watch it another day.

Thus I dared not try to watch Four Corners, for I would have slipped away into theta; I recorded it instead. With every intention of going to bed for a couple of hours, I checked emails, and woke up – damn it – and so wrote and attended to bits and pieces online. I noted my first comment to The Punch had been accepted, which I posted early this afternoon. I learned of the site from a Leigh Sales’ Twitter.

In no time it was half ten, and I rushed back to The Box to watch Tony SilverToes Jones host Lateline, and noted how relatively gently he roasted Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change Greg Combet in their interlocutory exchange; now I do happen to think that anyone who was too hard on Greg would be a bastard, with his or her inner mongrel out of control…

Wow, next was Ali Moore, on her Lateline Business, and she had changed from Ali Moore the lady, to Ali Moore the chic chick! Whoooeeee! Her hair was sexy as all get out, but crikey moses, I’m in two minds as to whether both my heart can take it, and whether she’s gone too beach party for the job she’s got in that hallowed chair. Take a look at how great she looked, but if you’re over fifty, have a defibrillator handy: On to the meat of this night’s program: General Motors has filed for bankruptcy; well, may the idiots who ran the show for decades leave no legacy, so that a far seeing breed of leaders can transform it into a company that is part of the solution, designing and manufacturing transport that meets the true needs of the times, and anticipates the imperatives of the times around the corner. My heart goes out to the tens upon tens of thousands of GM’s employees’ families saddled with financial hardship from the mismanagement of the previous dinosaur honchos, and the millions of vehicle owners of the past decades saddled with expensive obsolete and irrelevant wheeled-carriage liabilities bought from them.

Letterman was a repeat, but I watched his monologue again, for the fun of it, then did a cowboy kitchen clean up, given that the formidable firefly is not here. Next it was to the back room and the paperwork I’d been putting off: the Solar Clear application for a photovoltaic system. It took me two hours or more, to print 15 pages out, fill them in, construct a montage of photos of the house and roof and meter board and whatnot, complete with added text to make clear where was what, and what was what. The scanner Baby Inkletter gave me the year before last and which I have only last week set up for the first time worked a treat, and finally I got it all done, as well as a list of questions to ask by phone tomorrow when I call Solar Clear to check all my paperwork before mailing it. I celebrated the end of the interminable paperwork by eating some pears and cheese and relaxing in the lounge, before falling into bed, as tired as all get out. I had been taking white comforters much of the evening, progressively, to ease headache pain.


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